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FlyNRate: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

FlyNRate by LSW Technologies is an iOS app for both the iPhone and iPad that was designed to help consumers quickly communicate their flight experiences with other flyers and actual airline companies alike. The general idea of FlyNRate is that an improved system for providing customer feedback for flights should eventually equate to an overall improved flying experience for all customers, as airlines take the time to consider the feedback that they receive through FlyNRate.


Originally launched in December 2012, FlyNRate provides consumers with a new way to quickly relate their flight experiences to others. FlyNRate users can choose the option of linking their FlyNRate account to their Facebook or Twitter accounts or to just create an entirely separate account for the app alone. Once an account is created, users can then quickly post how they felt about their last airline flight, regardless of what airline it was on. This feedback is then shared via Facebook or Twitter through an aggregate rating system, and the makers of FlyNRate boast that rating a flight through using this app only takes about 30 seconds. Although I did not personally keep track of my time spent using FlyNRate to rate my last flight, I was impressed overall with the ease in using the app. Other features in FlyNRate include the ability to follow friends also using the app, the option to find out about weather details, or the chance to use a pre-drafted email to rate your flight (if you don’t want to use Facebook or Twitter). My only complaint about FlyNRate is that the app crashed several times on me before I was able to use it, and thus I’ve deducted one star from this section of its review.

FlyNRate iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

FlyNRate’s big claim is that it is easy and convenient to use, and after using the app, I would certainly agree with this claim. FlyNRate is logically laid out, with easily understandable icons directing users to various parts of the app; FlyNRate is an excellent example of a minimalist app with quality design/graphics. I found the orange/blue color scheme to be perfect for an app of its type. Adding flights, finding friends, and viewing the ratings of other flights is incredibly easy to do, with relatively minimal user input needed. However, the lack of an extensive user questionnaire shouldn’t be confused with the lack of a thorough flight rating system; I just found that FlyNRate kept things simple by only asking for completely relevant information.


FlyNRate is currently a free app, although in-app purchases may be made if a user desires. Through the free app, users can do all of the basic features of FlyNRate, and for most users of FlyNRate, these features should be all they really need. Overall, I was impressed with the ease in using FlyNRate, and for anyone who flies often and wants to report his/her flying experience to others, then FlyNRate is the perfect app.

FlyNRate iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Thomas says:

    I have an interesting fact about LSW (owners) of this application if you would care to listen … a friend of mine told me that the director ended up running off with the other directors fiance. hahahahahahaha!!! Crazy. And has the audacity to ask said director to leave the application because (the one who ran of with the girl) cannot work with him any longer. Doesn’t sound good.

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