Ding-Dong: a Free and Entertaining Digital Doorbell App


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Ding-Dong: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

While social media is a great way to keep in touch with each other, it seems like the world is becoming more antisocial as far as actually physically spending time with others. Instead of leaving your living quarters to visit a friend, all you have to do is send them a quick text or a Facebook message. Luckily there’s still hope for us, thanks to the work of developers who don’t want us to sit around and text all day.

Ding-Dong, developed by Astral Vision, is a fun and free app aimed at encouraging you to go out into the world and actually visit friends and family. Forget awkwardly knocking at the door, though, and use a digital doorbell instead.

Concept and Functionality:

Honestly, I think this is one of the coolest and most unique apps I’ve come across in quite some time. What makes it so different? For starters, it pretty much goes against what other social apps do. While many developers focus on apps and services that help you communicate quickly and easily with others, Ding-Dong was created to do the exact opposite while making it fun.

Ding-Dong is extremely easy to use, almost as simple as pressing a doorbell. Simply allow the app to access your current location, create an account, and start visiting! The main doorbell screen shows your current street, along with the username of the nearest Ding-Dong user.

If there are multiple users at the same location, the app shows them in a list and allows you to choose who you’d like to notify. You can even choose different doorbell styles, from generic gray to elaborate and beautiful brass. If you’re interested in something a bit sillier, you can purchase a pack of additional doorbell for $0.99.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Ding-Dong alerts you of a visitor a number of ways, including push notifications. One thing I think would be a cool feature is the ability to add a custom message to the alert. This would be great if the person you’re visiting doesn’t know you by your username, because you could use another means of identifying yourself.

Another cool feature is how unique each doorbell truly is. From design to sounds, Ding-Dong is a surprisingly detailed app. Did I mention the fact that the developers created it out of a joke?

It’s super quick and easy to invite friends to try Ding-Dong, as well, which makes the app even more fun to use. You can either import contacts from your device or through Facebook. Lastly, Ding-Dong is compatible with Apple devices and Android devices, making the app available to almost anyone with a smartphone.


Ding-Dong is free and will only cost you a bit of laughter and amusement. It’s certainly a welcomed change from waiting for the next text, tweet, or Facebook message. Plus you get to actually enjoy spending time with friends. It’s also a great app for people who find themselves distracted at home and can’t always tell if someone’s at the door.

Whether for usefulness or hilarity, Ding-Dong is definitely worth downloading. Be sure to check out the demo video on YouTube to see Ding-Dong in action!

Ding-Dong is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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