Countdown until Daddy Comes Home with Daddy Takes a Business Trip


Price: $1.99
Daddy Takes a Business Trip: Written iPad App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Looking for an app that can keep your kids in touch and connected with you until you come home from your business trip? Then the Daddy Takes a Business Trip app from developer Crow Peak Media is just the app for you! It is compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later.


When you first load the Daddy Takes a Business Trip app, you will be directed to a main screen that displays options and information such as when “Daddy” will return, which flight that “Daddy” will be on, and so on. “Daddy” can set the number of days he will be returning by tapping and holding on the option icon with three fingers to set the date of “Daddy’s” return.

There will also be three options on reading styles. You can either have the book read to you by default, or have “Daddy” read the book to you, or you can choose to read the book to yourself.

If you want “Daddy” to read the book, you or he can simply swipe up with two fingers on any page to record “Daddy” reading the text on the page. If you want the book read to you be default, cute children’s reading voices will sound and read the story page by page to you. Once you’re done reading one page, simply swipe right to left with your finger tip or select the right arrow button.

Daddy Takes a Business Trip iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

The art in Daddy Takes a Business Trip is all hand drawn and very well done. It is an art style that is down to earth and relatable, and also, easy on the eyes for young readers. With simple scrolling action, and large, readable font, users will find this app appealing and engaging. With smooth story animation and personalized interactive features, young readers will not only find this app enjoyable to read over and over again, but also as a neat way to be connected to their dad when he leaves on an actual business trip.


For $1.99, this is an app with great value. Daddy Takes a Business Trip is an app that kids can interact with their dads, especially if their dad’s job tends to take him away from home, and away from their kids. The nice added feature of a dad being able to record his own voice so that the story is more personalized for his kids is a huge plus. That, and the added factor that he can input the countdown of days on when he will be returning is a sure winner. Kids and parents alike will love this app!

Daddy Takes A Business Trip


Daddy Takes a Business Trip iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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