Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses: Track and Plan Your Trip with Ease!


Price: $1.99
Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses: Written and Video iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses, by developer iAppLab, is a new travel expenses app for the iOS. Interested in keeping track of all potenial costs and financial burdens on your next vacation or business expedition? Perhaps Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses is the right app for you. Read on for our look at this fun travel budget management app!

In a nutshell, Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses allows you to input and track your expenses for trips all across the world. Have a strict budget that you must follow? Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses allows you to customize a budget for each trip, then add different costs (hotel, flight, clothes, entertainment, and many more), and see how you are sticking to (or totally breaking) your budget. Need to simply keep track of how where the money is going so you can be reimbursed at the end? Easy! With Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses, you can add scanned photos of reciepts to each expense, then create a professional PDF with one tap of the finger. This PDF contains an awesome breakdown of the costs, all in a slick-looking layout and also the reciepts for each expense put into it! You can also customize a whole slough of options for each trip and expense in Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses, further adding to its awesome set of features. Finally, Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses includes a handy checklist feature, helping you make sure you haven’t forgotten anything important for your upcoming trip. Overall, I found it very easy to create a trip and track the costs for it, all with just a few taps on my iOS device!

Graphical Layout:
Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses looks sweet on the iOS. The graphics are clear and crisp, the many different icons look incredibly professional, and the input buttons respond appropriately. Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses’s overall layout is really easy to figure out, thanks to the excellent use of different logical categories for trip expenses. Finally, the helpful info graphics provided for trip finance breakdowns help add a great visual image to the actual costs of each excursion. The developers of Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses should be commended for the effort put into making this app look sleek and professional!

Bon Voyage iPhone App Review

I really enjoyed Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses and it’s array of expense reporting and tracking tools for trips. I was disappointed with the price ($1.99), as it’s a few tiers higher than what I would expect in pricing. However, it is a high quality app with a very useful set of features and I can see how it would be very helpful in organizing all possible expenses, both before and after a trip, be it for business or pleasure. Fortunately, there is also a free version Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses available with more limited features, allowing interested users the chance to experience Bon Voyage for themselves before tackling the full version. Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses is certainly worth looking into, especially if you do a lot of traveling!

Bon Voyage Travel Budge & Expenses is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, running iOS 4.3 or later. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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3 Responses to “Bon Voyage: Travel Budget & Expenses: Track and Plan Your Trip with Ease!”

  1. Andrew says:


    Thanks for review..I downloaded inspired by this review and found this app really helpful.Its really amazing and well thought app.However it would be better is price is $.99,but I’ll give 4.5 rate out of 5.

  2. Thomas says:

    Fantastic. Very easy to use and mighty effective for managing my travel expenses. Used it 2 days ago for my office travel & loved it. 5 stars from me for the quality app.

  3. Abbas says:


    I am in travel industry and I found this fantastic.I really find this helpful to our customers.Great work.$2 is NOTHING for such a nice app.

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