3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi – iPad App Review


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3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi: Written iPad App Review

3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi

Reviewed by Michael Naber

3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi is a 3D MMO, from PoetCode LLC, is available for the iPad 2 or later. The first thing I should mention is the size of the app. It’s size is 455 MB so make sure your using wifi when downloading. Dynasty of the Magi is an incredible game. It takes magic and realism and combines them both. The result is stunning.

To start, the game is really cool. You begin by creating an account and setting up your account name, passwords, etc. Then you create a character. Then you choose to be either on the good or evil side. Each have their own perks and shortcomings. After that you are taken to a tutorial where you learn how to play. After that, the fun begins. Once you have learned how to play you can train, do quest, explore, etc. The character customization involved really improves the experience and makes the game more enjoyable. There are also several attacks which can be performed such as melee or spells. The combination of magic, warfare, and ancient principles is great and the Dynasty of the Magi does a superb job of using these elements.


There really isn’t a way to get better in terms of graphics and design than this game. The game is a 3D MMO and does a fantastic job of accomplishing that. As implied, the game is in 3D and looks great on the iPad. The designers of this game did some great work and created crisp graphics that really show the game’s awesomeness both in design and gameplay. The only complaint I have about the graphics is the characters title is a bit blurry, but it will likely get fixed soon.


3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi

3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi

The gameplay for the Dynasty of the Magi is pretty good. You can throw punches, chat with others, cast spells, go on quest, etc. One of the best parts of this game is the social aspect. The game boast millions of users and a variety of game modes like Co-Op, PVP, and Solo. This let’s you play with or against friends, family, or just about anyone. In addition to that there are a number of interesting features such as a magic system based on Egyptian Mythology and an interactive ebook.

Overall Value

Overall the game is pretty good and would make a fine addition to your arsenal of iPad games. The Dynasty of the Magi combines incredible 3D graphics with seamless gameplay. The ancient Egyptian themes also are a nice touch, and provide an opportunity to learn more about Egyptian mythology. The features and social aspect are stellar and make this free game one that you will want to have.

3D MMO: Dynasty of the Magi requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPad 2 and later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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