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MyFace+ for Facebook: Redefining a Classic With New Looks

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: MyFace+ for Facebook: Written & Video iPhone App Review Believe it or not, we use Facebook—In fact, we might just use it more than anyone else we know. We use it to take care of our personal lives, as well as the dozen different business accounts we monitor and interact with. […]


Defend the Earth with Moon Skater Pro Version

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Moon Skater Pro Version: Written iPhone App Review Moon Skater Pro Version by 3 Guys Apps is an iOS game that leaves players with the job of defending earth against alien invaders. Moon Skater Pro offers more action than the original Moon Skater version and is designed to keep the fast-paced-loving […]


Dynamite Golf: The New 3D Mini Golf Game

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Dynamite Golf: Written iPad App Review Dynamite Golf from developer Thomas Nielsen, is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Dynamite Golf is a mini golf game that involves dynamite. It’s incredibly fun to play because come on, there is nothing more fun than blowing your way past obstacles […]


Countdown until Daddy Comes Home with Daddy Takes a Business Trip

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Daddy Takes a Business Trip: Written iPad App Review Looking for an app that can keep your kids in touch and connected with you until you come home from your business trip? Then the Daddy Takes a Business Trip app from developer Crow Peak Media is just the app for you! […]


Break ’em Bubbles with Babbo’s Barrels

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Babbo’s Barrels: Written iPhone App Review Babbo is in some serious trouble! His pirate ship is overloaded with barrels! Can you help save his ship from sinking by breaking all the barrels up? This new game, called Babbo’s Barrels, from developer Addiktive Games, offers some entertaining action on both the iPhone […]


Words’N’Blox: Slip and Slide Your Way to Spelling Perfection

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Words’N’Blox: Written & Video iPad App Review If you’re new to the site, we’re going to go ahead and spoil one aspect of our reviews for you: We’re absolutely in love with the puzzling genre, and any app that throws word gaming into the mix is a friend of ours. This […]

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