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Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game: Written iPhone Game App Review

Reviewed bu Philip Chan

Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game, by Creative Fingerprint Design, is a fun new iPhone app. Try to outsmart the zookeeper and escape into the wild with Zoo Escape!

Using finger taps, guide the different zoo animals out of the zoo. However, watch out! You’ll need to carefully plan each move to avoid the watchful zoo keeper! For every step your zoo critter takes, the oncoming zoo keeper takes two. Zoo Escape is part puzzle game and part action-each animal has a differrent skill to help it avoid the keeper. There’s 4 characters; a monkey (named Miranda and climbs trees), hippo (walks on water where the zoo keeper can’t reach), mole (burrows to hide from the keeper), and penguin (can walk on ice without falling and can’t be caught on ice). At first, the levels aren’t too hard, but as you progress through the 40 levels, you’ll quickly encounter difficult ones. There’s little pawprints on each map that provide a few clues on the best direction to take, but it’s still a challenge! I really liked how the game play, while simple at its roots, still felt open to variation on each different map. The critter escape theme with puzzle movement gameplay is also a very nice style and not something I have encountered on many other iOS apps.

Zoo Escape iPhone Apps Review

Graphical Layout:
Zoo Escape looks fantastic on the iPhone. The animations of each animal and the zoo keeper are great, while the maps are simple but still graphically appealing. Menue layout is perfect and the included tutorial quickly clears up any confusion about game play mechanics. I love the graphical style of Zoo Escape and wish more developers would take the time to make their games feel as organized and well-designed as this one!

Zoo Escape is one that I highly recommend. With it’s 40 levels (more on the way), different zoo animals, varied maps, great replay value, and truly unique gameplay, it’s sure to be a solid hit for both young and old gamers! This is one of the most solid apps I’ve seen this month, both from a gameplay standpoint and from a graphical design perspective. It’s really, really fun and well-designed. Get out there, purchase this little critter app, and let the animals out of the zoo today!

Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, running iOS 5.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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