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By Count Luke Von Patrick

We always like to joke about how Christmas time sneaks up on us, but in this year’s case, we’re woefully underprepared here at the office. However, don’t think that means we’ve been lying down on the job! No, if you’re looking for our Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the week, you’ll find it below! But first—

This Week’s Stand-Out Apps

This week brought us the educational fun of GazziliPuzzles and GazziliWords, as well as the photo-based puzzler Phumbler. We also showed you how to enhance your speech tool experience with the delightful SmartMouth.

That’s it for our sneak peek! But for our full Top 5 as usual, you need only to look down below beyond the break.

Top 5 iPhone and iPad Apps of the Week

Nitro Chimp – $0.99

Nitro Chimp for iPhone

Nitro Chimp for iPhone

If you’re new to the realm of iPhone games, or just haven’t been paying attention much, then let us inform you about Chilling: The developer has long made a habit of producing some of the best, most gorgeous, and most engaging games for both the iPhone and the iPad. When they drop something on us, it’s usually a biggie.

With that in mind, their latest app—called Nitro Chimp—is every bit as fun as we had hoped it might be. It comes with an endless running game style concept, a monkey on a bike, and more tricked-up coked-out stunts than you can easily shake a stick (or banana) at. Best of all, it’s only a dollar, too!

Draw Something Pro – $2.99

Draw Something Pro

Draw Something Pro

Love it or hate it, Draw Something has become a legitimate tour de force of what’s possible with social, casual gaming on both the iPhone and the iPad. It’s been knocking records and barraging us with invites for about a year now, and through it all, developer OMGPOP has been promising us something massive for the next installment. So what’s this? Is it a new and incredible sequel to everyone’s favorite, annoying arcade game?

Well, not really. It’s actually just a souped up pro version, offering 10 exclusive colors, an unlimited number of bombs, a better design for the iPad, and a few other goodies. Still, if you’re a dedicated drawer, the price tag is hardly a lot to ask, and the benefits are plentiful. Maybe this one is on its last legs and it knows it?

tweetary – $4.99



Are you ready to take your tweeting to the next level? And by that, we mean, “Are you ready to personalize and privatize your Twitter in a way that you maybe didn’t know you wanted, but now that it’s in front of you, yeah you could totally go for that?”

Run-ons aside, tweetary does something that we hand’t ever considered before: The app turns your Twitter feed into an hones-to-goodness diary space. It’s got a skeumorphic UX with papery textures, the ability to add annotations to specific tweets, and a whole lot else. Sure it’s expensive, but for the hipster with a need for armchair accessible tweeting, where else will you go?

Spellwood – $1.99



If you weren’t aware, SEGA has been popping out of the woods now and again to offer us an iPhone application. Typically, these games are pretty good: We take that as a sign that your console is basically a non-entity to the once famous company. Still, if they keep producing games like Spellwood, we’re hardly complaining.

The app is a beautiful combination of spells, spelling, and Scrabble inspired fun. If you’re a fan of series like Harry Potter, and you also happen to have an immense vocabulary and a need to show it off, then you’re in the right place. Spellwood’s gameplay is a competitive sort, having you pit your skills against an opponent in a spell-laced duel. It’s great fun, and for two bucks with Universal access, you can hardly go wrong for the price!

Wavii – Free



Lastly for the week, we have Wavii, the app that thinks your news is just a bit TL;DR for the average consumer and aught to be shortened. It’s the social media edition of your headlines, using the feeds you like, and the formats that you’re used to. Let us explain:

Essentially, Wavii burns your favorite RSS and site feeds for news, just like something like Flipboard. However, it then takes what it finds and condenses the whole package down into bite-sized status update headlines. You can then click these for more information and a full read. It’s marvelous, it’s quick, and we could’t love it more if it bought us dinner first.

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  1. Parker says:

    These apps look great! Draw Something Pro looks great; we have tournaments at lunch time between myself and a group of my DISH coworkers, and a few of us have already upgraded to this one. One my other favorite apps is the DISH Remote Access app. With it I can watch live or recorded shows off my home receiver, using just my iPad, no matter where I am, as long as I get a wifi or 3G connection. With the holiday travel season upon us, this is a must for anyone with kids. As a dedicated social media junkie, I’m looking forward to checking out tweetary, too!! Thanks for the heads up!

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