Protect the Honey: To Bee or not to Bear? App Review


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To Bee or not to Bear?: Written & Video iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Do you love ‘slasher’ and ‘swipe’ apps, where you must race against the clock to chop of fruit or other targets? Perhaps you should consider To Bee or not to Bear?, from developer Anton Roshchine, just released on the iOS. It’s received positive feedback online from gamers and we were interested in seeing exactly how good this little app, with its colorful graphics and unique setting was. How did it stack up? Let’s see!


In To Bee or not to Bear? (note: the ? is part of the title), you’ll be tasked with helping protect a beehive honeycomb from hungry bears. To make matters more complicated, these bears are jumping in on bungy cords to steal the honey. Simply swipe/slash across their cords to keep them away from the honey. However, be careful! There are cute honey bees trying to frantically build their honeycomb and they also have bungy cords. One wrong swipe and you’ll accidentally cut the cords of these friendly bees! Thus, To Bee or not to Bear? features a nice mixture of frantic slashing fun, much in the vein of Fruit Ninja, along with careful planning, against the clock! You’ll also want to tap the colored honeycomb pieces, and watch out for the bees rigged with TNT! There is 10 fun levels to play, with a very nice tutorial, and a great sound track as well.
I definitely must also mention the hilarious app description for To Bee or not to Bear?. Be sure to check out the app’s iTunes page, where developers will enthrall you with how the game has NO “stupid zombies”, “murders”, “Birds, angry or kind” and so on (great stuff!). It’s wonderful to see a developer put so much time and effort, not to mention humor, into their game’s description!

Appearance and Layout:

To Bee or not to Bear? iPhone App Review

Graphically, To Bee or not to Bear? is quite nice. It’s also very easy to browse through the app, try out different levels once they’ve been completed (using the “HiveLand” button to see all the different zones) and to play the game. Expect to be moving your fingers pretty quickly if you want to get good at To Bee or not to Bear?, as you’ll need plenty of dexterity and quick-thinking to advance. The game graphics are sharp and the sounds are quite crisp. Finally, the provided tutorial helps make starting out the game for the first time a snap. The developers have clearly put in the extra time to make this game enjoyable!


To Bee or not to Bear? costs $0.99 through iTunes. That’s a small price to pay for the fun that waits in this app. 10 levels is a little less than I would typically like, and hopefully they’ll add more as time passes in a new update. However, the game play that is in To Bee or Not To Bear is quite addicting, the setting hilarious, and the game graphics excellent. Check out To Bee or not to Bear? through iTunes for your iOS device today!

To Bee or not to Bear? iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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