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The Last Enchanter: Written iPad App Review

The Last Enchanter 1 for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Do you like fantasy literature? Do you have an iPad? Do you wish there were just some way to combine your love for all things medieval and your favorite iOS device, as well as with a splattering of comicy action on top? If so, then you’re in luck! The Last Enchanter 1 by developer Fitztown does exactly all of this—and more—and all from the comfort and security of your iPad. It’s a mixed bag, but no matter what you’re in the mood for, you’ll find our full review locked up down below beyond the break.

Concept and Functionality

Like most comic book readers or comic book translations to the iPad, you can expect that The Last Enchanter offers an eBook style reading experience—and you’d be expecting correctly! The app allows the user to slide from left to right, turning the pages as one might expect from such an engine. If you’re into fantasy works, you’ll also be in for a truly classic ride: The story involves dragons, elves, magic, murder, and the birth of one curiously tattooed infant.

All of this adds up to a pretty standard experience, which both works and does not work for the app’s benefit. On the one hand, it’s a traditional day out, so to speak, and we appreciate the simplicity of that. But by the same token, this may not be enough to draw new readers in, or completely pique your interest. The story is good, the interface is lovely, but is it enough to truly draw in the numbers? It’s worth noting as well that The Last Enchanter will be released in a serialized version with a new app for each release, rather than a single container for the entirety of the series.

Design and Interface

The Last Enchanter 1 for iPad

The Last Enchanter 1 for iPad

The Last Enchanter does have one unique twist going for it, though: The app features live narration by actors playing the story’s characters. This means that, as you’re reading along, you’ll get a fresh blast of narration with every page turn. This really serves to unlock the potential of comics as a medium, as well as allowing for a more engrossing story. We have to mention in addition that the artwork is simply superb. All in all, it’s an interesting package, though decidedly one that won’t appeal to every reader.

Overall Value

All of this taken into consideration, the app will still only cost you two bucks to enjoy. That’s a standard price for any comic release, and we hardly have room to complain about it: We do wish the price bought us more of a purchase within later releases, but as long as future editions are kept within the same price range, we feel The Last Enchanter  is still an easy recommendation.

The Last Enchanter 1The Last Enchanter requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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