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Tarot of Love: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Who wouldn’t want to know what lies ahead in the future? I’ve always enjoyed things like fortune cookies and horoscopes. While it’s not wise to believe every little thing you’re told, it’s still fun and entertaining to see what these fortune tellers have to say.

Tarot of Love, developed by Sui, is one of the nicest tarot apps I’ve seen for the iPhone. While other apps are filled with fluff, this one definitely focuses on functionality.

Concept and Functionality:

The idea of tarot cards is that they can give you a glimpse of what lies ahead based on a question or situation you have in mind. Instead of being the definitive future, these cards are used to help you look at things from new perspectives. Tarot of Love focuses solely on your love life and provides deep and meaningful insights.

The app is beautifully designed and extremely simple to use. All you have to do is choose whether you want to see your daily tarot or love tarot. Once you’ve decided, you’re taken to a screen which asks you to shuffle and split the deck of cards. Lastly, the cards are spread out and you must choose each card individually.

Seeing your daily tarot requires you to choose only one card, while the love tarot requires four. After you’ve selected your card(s), Tarot of Love shows you a detailed reading of the card(s) you’ve chosen. These explanations are very easy to understand, which is always a plus.


Tarot of Love: iPhone App Review

I have to say that the eye-catching animations in Tarot of Love are really fun and creative. Whether you’re shuffling cards or choosing for a reading, the animations are a very nice touch and they really spice up the app. The best part is that they don’t impact the app’s performance, so everything runs nice and smooth.

One suggestion I can think of is the addition of a button on the shuffle page which allows you to return to the main menu in case you chose the wrong reading. Currently there’s no way to do so without exiting the app completely.

Another feature which would be beneficial is the ability to optionally save readings by date, question, situation, or other query. This way users could keep track of different results for different readings.


For $0.99, you can download a quality tarot app which delivers excellent results. Tarot of Love has received many positive reviews in the App Store, and the reason isn’t a mystery. Whether you’re looking for a serious love tarot app or just interested in an entertaining way to gain a bit of insight into your life, I definitely recommend giving Tarot of Love a try. There’s also a free version available, as well.

Tarot of Love is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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