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Spartan Wars—Elite Edition: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Spartan Wars: Elite Edition by Tap4Fun brings the world of Spartan mythological gods to your favorite iOS device. Currently available for free, this version of Spartan Wars also includes a relatively pricey “god card” (Persephone). Spartan Wars: Elite Edition is a game app designed to allow users to build up their Spartan civilization or to battle other players if desired.


During Spartan Wars: Elite Edition, users are presented the opportunity to build their own personal metropolis and to build up an impressive army of Spartan mythological beings. However, Spartan Wars is not meant to a solo-acting game; instead, users can team up with other Spartan Wars players from around the world to create alliances or to challenge them to battles. Therefore, an internet connection is required when playing this app. While the basic version of Spartan Wars is currently available for free, purchasing additional “pearls” is an option that allows for more impressive building of your metropolis. In addition to battling other players with your respective gods’ cards and other warriors, Spartan Wars also provides players the opportunity to explore the Spartan Wars’ map to discover barbarians and scout out caves. In sum, building, battling, and exploring are really the key features offered through this app. Overall, Spartan Wars is certainly a fun game, but the fact that internet connection is required for the app to run will certainly be a hindrance for some users.

Appearance and Layout:

Overall, the graphics of Spartan Wars are pretty stellar. While certainly cartoonish in design, this style really suits the feeling of the game in general, and I found that each aspect of Spartan Wars was impressively created. For instance, the “cards” displaying the powers of each god were adequately descriptive while the actual Spartan kingdoms/metropolises that are built during the game are also satisfactorily detailed. Navigating through Spartan Wars was also fairly simple and completely intuitive, and I appreciated the hints that are featured at the beginning of the game to aid new players in easing into the Spartan lifestyle/battlefield.

Spartan Wars: Elite Edition iPhone App Review


This version of Spartan Wars is currently available for free, but official product descriptions imply that the Elite Edition will not be priced as such for long. Therefore, it’s a bit hard to determine the overall value of this edition of Spartan Wars. However, as a free version, Spartan Wars: Elite Edition is certainly well worth the time it takes to install it on your chosen iOS device. The game is fun and simple to learn and provides users with plenty of options for various styles of game play.

Spartan Wars—Elite Edition iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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