Sleep by MotionX: Getting Sleeping Down to a (Fine) Science


Price: $9.99
Sleep by MotionX: Written & Video iPhone App Review

Sleep by MotionX for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we are constantly on the look out for applications that we earnestly believe will improve the overall quality of your life and your health. After all, this is truly the coolest part about owning an iPhone, right? With that in mind, we’re more than pleased to introduce you today to Sleep by MotionX. This title is the perfect, digital companion to your sleep cycle: Helping you obtain a more restful night’s sleep, feel better during the day, and track your progress to better health. And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

As stated, Sleep by MotionX is first and foremost a sleeping aide. What does this mean, exactly? Basically, it means you can leave the app on and about your person while sleeping, and it will track how well you do at it. It will track your movements, as well as enabling you to log any accidental wakes. Should you feel up to it, you can even track your resting heart rate. On top of everything, the app will also wake you up at the appropriately scientific time based on when you need to be up and at it.

Now, all of this would be fine for a normal app, but Sleep by MotionX hardly stops there. You see, the app is also ready to track your movements during the day like a pedometer. It uses this information to let you know if you’ve been sedentary too long (we work from home) and when you need to go to sleep (we work until three in the morning, sometimes). All in all, these factors combine to ensure that you (and slobs like us) can easily stay on top of their health, and achieve real, beneficial goals.

Graphics and Design

Sleep by MotionX for iPhon

Sleep by MotionX for iPhone

Typically we’re very picky about the look and feel of the apps that we recommend: After all, we are graphic designers with a big hand in the iOS realm. With that in mind, we’re happy to report that Sleep by MotionX is a gorgeous effort. MotionX has produced yet another stellar interface, with a sliding door style button menu that could not be simpler to navigate. Furthermore, the complexity of the science at work has been muted by a very well thought out design—one that could not be simpler to navigate. All in all, it’s a cracking production.

Overall Value

The only downside to Sleep by MotionX? Its quite pricy sale tag. The app will set you back ten bucks, which is no bargain-bin price, no matter what the app. Still, it’s worth every penny, especially if (like us fat freelancers) you don’t tend to sleep very well. With that in mind, Sleep by MotionX still earns a solid recommendation from us.

Sleep by MotionXSleep by MotionX requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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3 Responses to “Sleep by MotionX: Getting Sleeping Down to a (Fine) Science”

  1. Sleep by MotionX…

    Sleep by MotionX is the first app to help improve sleep in a natural and non-invasive manner through advanced sleep cycle monitoring….

  2. says:

    Sleep by MotionX…

    Sleep by MotionX is the first app to help improve sleep in a natural and non-invasive manner through advanced sleep cycle monitoring…….

  3. Ken William says:

    Sleep by MotionX is really great for me! I have had good sleep thanks to this application. I’ve used some sleeping protection apps like Smart Alarm Clock, Sleep Cycle, etc. But Sleep by MotionX impressed me the most with the ability to track resting heart rate.

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