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Kpop Lyrics Plus: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Anyone with a love for Kpop but a lack of understanding for Korean will love what Kpop Lyrics Plus has to offer. Kpop Lyrics Plus by yn’story promises to provide users with an easy way for them to learn the lyrics and meanings to their favorite Kpop songs. While this app does not feature its own music, it can access a user’s iTunes music to help provide translations to already owned Kpop songs.

Kpop Lyrics Plus iPhone App Review



The main feature of Kpop Lyrics Plus is pretty well summed up in the name of the app. Kpop Lyrics Plus provides a lyrics translation service for any and all Kpop songs. Avid listeners of Kpop can use their iTunes songs as the base from which to learn song lyrics, or they can use the app’s search features to look up the translations and lyrics to songs that they don’t already own. In addition to translating song lyrics, Kpop Lyrics Plus also provides Kpop fans with Anglo-phonetic displays of the Korean words; this feature enables users to correctly sound out the Korean lyrics. Ideally, using Kpop Lyrics Plus could even help users eventually learn to read some common Korean symbols, as the combination of the translations and the phonetic interpretations could readily lend themselves to the acquiring of such knowledge. While using Kpop Lyrics Plus, Kpop fans are given the option of learning the lyrics a whole line at a time or just two or three words at once. Booking favorite songs and sharing lyrics can also be done using this app.

Appearance and Layout:

Overall, Kpop Lyrics Plus features a visually pleasing, non-confusing layout. Navigation throughout the app is conducted through options featured at the bottom of each screen, and the search function of Kpop Lyrics Plus exceeded my expectations; it successfully brought me the lyrics of somewhat obscure Kpop artists. The only real complaint that can be made regarding the appearance of Kpop Lyrics Plus is the quality of the graphics in the app. Specifically, I felt that most of the typography in the app was slightly blurry. While this is not a huge issue, out of focus fonts are certainly less than the visual ideal for an app.


Kpop Lyrics Plus is currently sold for $0.99 through the iTunes store. For the intended user demographic, this relatively minimal fee will probably prove worth it. However, at the same time, some consumers may find that using other (free) translation services suits their personal needs just as well. As a whole, Kpop Lyrics Plus will most appeal to anyone who listens to a large number of Kpop songs and is seeking a way to conveniently find lyric translations.

Kpop Lyrics Plus iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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