Keep Tabs on Santa with Santa GPS


Price: $1.99
Santa GPS: Written iPhone App Review

Santa GPS iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Ever wondered how far away Santa was from your house? Now it’s easy to keep up with the man with the bag and even check in on how Christmas preparations are going at the North Pole with Santa GPS, a fabulous new tool that combines Christmas magic with the wonders of technology.


True to its name, the Santa GPS app gives you play by play mappable action on Christmas eve. Good thing the sleigh’s got a GPS chip! It also provides a convenient Christmas count down and tells you how far you are from the North Pole at any given time. How handy!

If that wasn’t enough, the elves have a special blog and it all updates go straight to the Santa GPS app. You get a new blog every day letting you know about reindeer training, weather conditions and so much more.

My favorite feature is the handy Letter to Santa interface, which makes it easier than ever to tell the big guy what you want for Christmas (parents, there’s also a good way for you to monitor the list.. if you know what I’m saying). Wonder where you stand on the naughty or nice list? Santa GPS is your direct line to Santa, so you can always know where you stand and maybe even get in some last minute best behavior.

Layout & Design:

Santa GPS iPhone App Review

Santa GPS

Designed for kids and parents, the Santa GPS app is entirely child-friendly. There are no outside links, zero advertisements and it is quite easy to navigate and use thanks to a simple bottom tab design.

Don’t forget that the GPS tracker will go into effect on Christmas eve. Turn the app sideways to see his progress. Until then, it appears the sideways turn for map feature is offline.

Overall Value:

Can you put a price on an app like Santa GPS, that adds to the Christmas charm by engaging the entire family? Well, I guess you can. The folks at Fission Media Group slapped a $1.99 price tag on this bad boy, making it entirely in budget for even the strictest budget.

I think Santa GPS is a darling app with a lot of potential. It’s interesting, different, engaging and sure to delight your littlest family members. What’s not to love?

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Santa GPS


Santa GPS iPhone app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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