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RunSanity: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

RunSanity, by Heliceum, is a free app game reminiscent of “old school” video games. Specifically, RunSanity’s main character runs charging through a town, jumping to collect coins and avoid obstacles as part of various challenges throughout the game. With cheery music and fun graphics, RunSanity is an excellently designed game that is sure to prove entertaining for a variety of audiences.


RunSanity can best be compared to a “Mario” styled video game. Running and jumping are the primary actions in this fun iOS game, with a bit of turbo blasting thrown into the action mix as well. However, in addition to the general fun of completing the challenges in this app, RunSanity features the ability for users to challenge their friends; RunSanity players can play a level and send a challenge to a fellow RunSanity player to see if he can beat his/her high score. The “ghost” of the first player keeps track of the second player’s scores, and as such, RunSanity can actually be considered to be somewhat of a social iOS game. Additional RunSantiy features include the ability to choose different accessories for in-game characters and to record arcade-style high scores within the app. “Betting” other players with the game’s coins is also an option.

Overall, I found RunSanity to be a game well-worth of installing on an iOS device. The game is challenging but not frustrating. It is easy to learn, yet somewhat difficult to master—the perfect combination of fun and tricky.

Appearance and Layout:

RunSanity iPhone App Review


The graphics of RunSanity are simply superb. Brightly colored and designed with more than adequate detail, both the scenery and the characters of RunSanity are certainly eye-catching proof that the developers of this fun app didn’t shirk their duty to create an aesthetically pleasing game. RunSanity’s layout is also perfectly pleasant; beginners to the game are given the option of trying out a training round on the app, and all basic skills needed to master RunSanity are introduced during this round. Instructions for various challenges are presented in-game, and as a whole I found this method to be very effective. The instructions were clear, but they did not distract from the scenery or any of the other important in-game features. Also, the coin collection icons and combo icons were pleasantly positioned on the screen so as to not interfere with any of other graphics on RunSanity.


RunSanity is currently available as a free game, and as such its value is excellent. However, I actually believe that RunSanity is a game that would certainly be worth purchasing, if it weren’t already available for free. RunSanity is the excellent example of an iOS game app that is fun, beautifully designed, and decently challenging.

RunSanity iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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