Photo Album 2 for Mac: Quick, Efficient, Drop-Dead Gorgeous


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Photo Album 2 for Mac: Written Mac App Review

Photo Album 2 for Mac

Photo Album 2 for Mac

Here at the iPhone App Review, we don’t just cover iOS applications. Though we make a habit to stick to the mobile realm, we’re also hip to letting you in on some of the best new Mac apps to hit the App Store. For instance, Photo Album 2 by developer Flipping Book is a great new way to create simply gorgeous photo albums for easy export—and entirely on your Mac! For more information, you need only to slide on down below the break and peep our whole review.

Concept and Functionality

The concept behind Photo Album 2 looks something like this: Gone are the days where most of us will sit down with a large paper album, carefully placing our printed photos down in such a way that they’ll be shoved onto a shelf for decades to come. This is just because most of our photos end up on Facebook before they land—if ever—on printed paper.

As such, Photo Album 2 hopes to take the same photo album experience as we’re used to, and apply it directly to your mac. The app allows you to import photos, crop and edit them to your liking, and then “stick” them in place inside a real photo album. These albums have been designed by professional designers, and are breathtaking. This, combined with the simple interface, smooth flipping animations and gorgeous layouts adds up to one solidly photo album-esque experience with a modern twist. Best of all, you can quickly export your work to your own web hosting location, that way all your family and friends can peep your end results. It’s smooth, streamlined and infinitely useful.

Design and Graphics

Photo Album 2 for Mac

Photo Album 2 for Mac

We have to admit, the app looks pretty fantastic itself, too. It’s got the same smooth interface layout and functionality that we’d expect from a proprietary Apple editor like iPhoto or iMovie. Furthermore, we liked how simple it was to rotate, adjust and otherwise edit our photos. Changing page layouts is also a breeze, making it painless to change our minds at any point during the creation process. Overall, it’s an outstanding effort, and a great production from a third-party developer.

Overall Value

In fact, the only real downside to Photo Album 2 is indeed its price. The app itself is free, and you’re allowed to try out each and every theme contained within the app. However, adding these theme packs to your hard drive is costly. Still, you’ll get free access to all the exporting features you could ever want, as well as the aforementioned benefits of the app and its interface as a standalone. So all in all, it’s decidedly worth the cost of entry, though don’t expect to have this one for cheap.

Photo Album 2Photo Album 2 requires iOS 3.2 or later and is compatible with Mac OS X. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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