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NARR8: Written & Video iPad App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Narr8 iPhone App Review

Imagine: Beautiful, HD graphic novels, from multiple series spanning different genres, all on your iPad, in one slick app. Now, imagine if that app is available for FREE! Enter NARR8, from developer NARR8 Limited. Is the billing for this iPad-only app too good to be true? Read on for our take on NARR8!


Simply load up the app, and take a look at the main screen. There you will see several scrolling panels. The topmost shows brand new and upcoming releases. The middle has all the current series on NARR8. Finally, the bottom has the latest released episodes. There’s also handy tabs for you to check out the NARR8 forums and share your collection via Twitter and Facebook. Select the series you want to check out, then start at an episode and it will download through the app for you. You can download multiple series at the same time, thankfully, and get others loading while you start reading the 1st. Reading is really simple, with the usual forward/back buttons, a Home/Volume key, and a Skip-to-chaper tab. The entire app is incredibly polished and the various series, with everything from Manga-style to serious graphic novel and more, look totally polished on the iPad through NARR8.

Graphical Layout:

Graphically, NARR8 is just beautiful. The HD quality graphics really shine on the latest version of the iPad. The different series already available have some very nice art work and they great through the medium of NARR8. The layout itself is also impressive. It’s incredibly easy to pick up the app for the first time, browse through the latest series, pick an interesting one, and get started on it. Everything is organized nicely, with clear-cut, crisp sections and useful tabs to help you keep track of your downloads. Downloads are also quite speedy, even with the graphically-intense nature of these web series.


I’ve tried out a few media distribution platforms on the iOS, including a few geared purely towards comic and manga fans. However, out of all of these, I truly have to say that NARR8 is one of the best. It may be lacking in star power, but it’s current line of titles is definitely a fun read. Furthermore, its slick setup should certainly attract the attention of some of the heavyweight comics and graphic novels on the market today. In the meantime, get a jump on this impressive free app today and start reading!

NARR8 is available for the iPad and requires iOS 5.1 or later. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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