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PuXXles: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

PuXXles, by Nikita Spitsyn, is a free app that takes the idea of social connections via apps to a whole new puzzling level. Like its name suggests, PuXXles is based entirely on puzzles/riddles, and through solving these puzzles, users are able to connect with their friends. However, unlike simple puzzle games, PuXXles is designed to provide puzzles with a meaning—solving a puzzle might be one way to discover a secret message through this app.


PuXXles can be used to communicate encrypted messages with friends or simply to create fun, relatively easily solvable puzzles on any chosen iOS platform. For optimal use, you and your friends will all need to have PuXXles; since PuXXles is a free app, acquiring it should not be a problem. PuXXles then enables users to send messages to fellow PuXXle friends; however, unlike traditional social media messages, all communication via PuXXles is sent as a jumbled up puzzle or riddle. Through solving the riddle, question, or puzzle, users are then able to view the messages. Basically, PuXXles provides a unique twist on traditional messaging, causing even the most mundane messages to be a bit more fun to receive.

However, private messages to select friends are not the sole use of PuXXles. Instead, PuXXle enthusiasts can opt to have their gallery open to the general public if desired. Other features of PuXXles include notifications for when your creations get solved and the ability to create a very personalized user profile. (Users can login through already created accounts like Facebook, or they can create a PuXXles-specific account.)

PuXXles iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

PuXXles is a beautifully laid out app. First time users are greeted with slide-screen instructions for how to best enjoy the app, and these instructions really provide all the information one needs. Creating an account is also simple, as well as inviting friends to PuXXles. While solving some of the PuXXles was a bit challenging for me, the challenge did not lay in the design of the app or the appearance of the graphics; PuXXles can be challenging if the creator makes them that way! Overall, I really appreciated how much thought was clearly put into every part of this app. From the way that personalized profiles can be easily created to the puzzle pieces that signify waiting time while something loads, PuXXles is an excellently designed app.


PuXXles is free, and for anyone who loves little riddles and sending messages in unique ways, PuXXles will be well worth the memory space it occupies. Unlike some games that are apt to lose their excitement after they have been mastered, PuXXles is an app that can be used to constantly create new riddles and challenges; as long as you have friends who have also chosen to utilize PuXXles, you potentially have the opportunity to constantly be entertained with this app.

PuXXles iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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