This Means War! Math Cards Learn and Play Game

Price: $.99
Math Cards Learn and Play Game: Written iPad App Review

Math Cards Learn and Play Game iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Whether you’re an early learner, looking for a way to get in some sweet math practice, or you’re a fan of the classic card game “War” the new Math Cards Learn and Play Game from Code Creator is going to be right up your alley.


The concept of Math Cards is relatively straight forward. You play this game against an opponent. For each hand you are dealt a math problem. It is your job to solve the math problem correctly, or else the hand goes to your opponent automatically. If you both answer your math equation correctly, then whoever has the higher sum wins the hand, and the cards go into the winning opponent’s deck.

So, pretty much, Math Cards is just like “War,” only with some neat educational opportunities worked in. I liked this app right off the bat. It’s a smart concept, appealing to both parents and kids who are learning about adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing, and to people who are looking for a new way to enjoy their favorite old standard card game. Well done, Code Creator! I’m quite a fan.

The reason this app works is due, in large part, to the versatility of the application. You can set custom player games, leave a game paused as long as you’d like and pick back up where you left off (handy, since, as I’m sure you’ll recall, “War” can be a really long game!), and you can customize the difficulty and types of equations you are challenged with in the app’s settings menu.

I highly recommend taking a gander at the built in video tutorial before you play to avoid embarrassing false starts to your game. Hint: tap the blue card to get started.

Layout & Design:

Math Cards Learn and Play Game iPhone App Revie

Math Cards Learn and Play Game

By necessity, the Math Cards Learn and Play Game is laid out quite simply. It’s worth clarifying that this is an iPad only game. I can’t imagine trying to play it on a tiny iPhone or iPod touch screen, so, for once, I’m not clamoring for a universal application.

The cards and flipping animations are fast, clear and realistic, which is nice. There’s not a lot of distracting sound, which I like for concentration reasons, among other things. Could this application be a bit more exciting in the design department? Probably. But consider the app’s main purpose, which is education, I think it bears up to a bit of scrutiny just fine.

Math Cards Learn and Play Game is also kid friendly, with no advertisements or outside links.

Overall Value:

For the educational and fun value, the Math Cards Learn and Play Game iPad app is a heck of a value. Priced at just $.99 it’s hard to say no. If you have a family member who’s picking up arithmetic skills, or you just have a thing for adding and subtracting, you owe it to yourself to check out this educational title from Code Creator, stat!

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Math Cards Learn and Play Game


Math Cards Learn and Play Game iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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