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iSpin: Written and Video iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you looking for a new pocket spin and exercise bike application for your iOS devce? iSpin by developer Nerd Entertainment, Inc is a newly-released personal trainer app. It’s available for $0.99 through iTunes and was just released on November 17th. Is this the next big thing for workout apps? Let’s take a look!

Have you ever jumped on a bike exercise machine yet felt bored by the lack of a good, challenging routine to take on? Perhaps you had an instructor lined up but he is too busy helping others or can’t make it today for your exercise routine? Nerd Entertainment’s newest app is here for you! Called iSpin, it is one of the few (perhaps the only) personal pedal instructor on the iOS. It’s geared toward those using exercise bikes and traditional bikes as well. Simply load up the app, select your favorite ‘trainer’, choose your music, and take off. Each trainer (currently 2 loaded with app, more are to be released in the future) has different settings of difficulties to be encountered. There’s also a helpful feature with general workout tips to help you get the most out of each exercise, linked on the main page. You can skip various difficulty portions of each workout, if you desire, and skip back and forth on your chosen playlist to help keep your audio beats flowing.

iSpin iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

iSpin is pocket spin instructor and it looks sharp! You’ll be pleasantly impressed by the professional layout and well-designed graphics. The character animations looks fantastic as well, with the trainers really cranking up the pedaling power as difficulty levels increase. The developers, Nerd Entertainment, have certainly gone for them minimalist look and it works quite well in iSpin. It’s a little tough to find out much in the way of user support though, as the linked iSpin website on iTunes redirects to another page, not a Nerd Entertainment support page for the app.


Additional workouts, although not yet available, are reported to cost $0.99 each, per the developer. Currently, iSpin has a launch special price of $0.99, although it will go up to $1.99 after December 2012. It’s not too much to pay for such a useful app, although I’ll definitely be looking forward to additional trainers in the app, hopefully soon! iSpin is a solid pocket spin instructor and helps break up the monotony of ordinary exercise cycling, replacing it with a fun routine on the iOS!

iSpin iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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