GazziliPuzzles: Gazillion Puzzles, Loads of Learning


Price: $1.99
GazilliPuzzles: Written and Video iPad App Review

GazziliPuzzles for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Here at the iPhone App Review, we’ve seen quite a lot more than our fair share of apps aimed at small children, especially with an educational focus. As such, we like to think we’ve become something of experts within the field. In other words, we don’t like to recommend a title unless we truly believe it has something to offer parents, their kids, and perhaps the world—getting a bit broad there. With that in mind, GazziliPuzzles by developer GazziliWorld is a fantastic new application for your children. And for our full review, you need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Gameplay

We typically lump children’s applications into two distinct categories: Those that are near to an eBook, and those that offer some sort of game at their core. GazziliPuzzles quite resolutely sits within the latter camp. The app allows your child to piece together a series of puzzles featuring various scenes, characters and elements. The puzzles aren’t terribly difficult, but do require some thinking—this is ideal for the applications intended age range, in our opinion.

Best of all, when a puzzle is completed, your child actually gets to play with the completed scene: This is much cooler than it sounds, if you’re not convinced. It’s perhaps one of the best rewards we’ve seen yet in a children’s app, and it truly does seem to engage the little ones. The thrill of completing a puzzle, and then getting to poke, prod and otherwise interact with the now animated results is quite special. With that in mind, our hats tip to the developer for this unique concept and solid execution.

Graphics and Design

GazziliPuzzles for iPhone

GazziliPuzzles for iPhone

However, when it comes to apps for children, there’s absolutely no area we harp on more than the design of the title. If the graphics aren’t good, or the interface isn’t ideal for small fingers and minds, then we can hardly recommend it. Thankfully, there are no such problems with GazziliPuzzles! The app has been rather cleverly laid out so as to be accessible with the simplest of touch. Furthermore, the soft color palate, the smooth graphics, and the sprightly animations ensure that your child will feel comfortable, and even invited to play with the app. It’s not the most visually stunning children’s app we’ve ever seen, but we can quite easily put it within the top 5 per-cent of the cream of the crop.

Overall Value

And at the end of the day, GazziliPuzzles is rather competitively priced at only two bucks in the App Store. This is a whole dollar above the ninety-nine cent sweetspot we typically like to recommend apps at, but for GazziliPuzzles we can make an exception. It’s got a lot of learning potential, a gorgeous set of graphics, and a lot of fun to offer.

GazziliPuzzlesGazziliPuzzles requires iOS 3.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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