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Emanata Comics: Written iPhone App Review

Emanta for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Believe it or not, the tech heads here at the iPhone App Review are actually quite into indie comics. In fact, we often wonder if we’re one of the main reasons the industry is thriving—we really do buy quite a lot of small press releases. With that in mind, we’re more than excited to be introducing you today to our new favorite comic app for the iPad and iPhone, Emanata Comics. The app makes it quick, simple and fun to find and purchase new comics for your reading pleasure. Best of all, it fully supports that original artist and story creator. Want our full review? You need only to slide on down below the break!

Concept and Functionality

The raw idea behind Emanata Comics looks basically like you might expect it to. The app comes with a pre-loaded wall of comics for you to peruse. All of these comics have been produced by original, indie-oriented comic and story producers. This means you won’t be getting any of your standard superhero fare here. For some, this may be a turnoff, but for those of us who like a good, underground time out, it’s pure gold.

In other words, you’ll have a lot of chances to score some seriously good and undiscovered indie rags from within the app. The Flipboard style wall presents the goods, you can peruse them up to a set number of pages, and after that you’ll need to buy the issue. Concerned about spending money within Emanata Comics? Don’t be! The app supports its developers, but it also contributes directly to the comic creator’s pocket. This means you’re not only supporting good app development, but you’re also supporting good comics, as well!

Design and Reader Interface

Emanta for iPad

Emanata Comics for iPhone

One of the first things we look for in a comic app also happens to be the most important: If the reader is subpar, the entire comic experience is guaranteed to be less-than optimal, as well. Thankfully, Emanata Comics has obviously taken a great deal of time to refine itself. It’s smooth operating interface keeps the attention on the comics themselves, as it should be. Furthermore, it takes little to no time at al to familiarize yourself with the layout. In other words, it takes only a few seconds to jump into the mix, and past that point, it’s all comics all the time.

Overall Value

Did we mention that Emanta is completely free in the App Store? If we haven’t, allow us to do so now. It’s an absolute bargain at this cost of entry, and if you’re looking for a simple, intuitive way to find indie comics on the iPad or iPhone, you’ll not find a better recommendation anywhere else. Are you an indie comic artist yourself? Go ahead and contact Emanata Comics today to see how you too can get hosted within the app. For the rest of us: Get to reading!

EmantaEmanata Comics requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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