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DoodleBook: Written iPad App Review

DoodleBook iPad App Review

Reviewed by Valerie Lauer

Do you doodle? What a silly question. The answer, of course, is yes. Who hasn’t doodled a quick little doodad at least once in their life? It’s time to take that simple yet evocative act of doodling to a new level, with DoodleBook. This sweet app from the folks at DoodleBook take the art of random sketching to a fun new place where a seemingly endless supply of drawing prompts creates a competitive environment where you have to get creative to come out on top.


First things first, don’t worry if you aren’t exactly Picasso. I can’t draw a straight line, and I had a lot of fun getting the hang of DoodleBook. By taking the concept of random drawing to a competitive place where you can enter Doodle Plays against opponents via Facebook, email, by directly targeting usernames or just at random (I highly recommend the random feature!). You’ll both get the same prompt, a simple line or two to get you started. Then, whatever you draw and your opponent draw are available to compare. You’ll be amazed at the random stuff you come up with, and even more amused by your friends.

If that isn’t enough, then there’s always Doodle Dare, where you go head to head in a public vote. You can chime in on dares in the Doodle Dig tab, where you can view your own doodles, search with filters, check the most popular doodles, or the latest.

There is an in-app currency (coins) which I’ll discuss in a bit more debt after the cut, but needless to say, this app takes a cool concept (doodling) makes it social and the results are fabulous.

Layout & Design:

DoodleBook iPad App Review


What good is a doodling app if you can’t use it? Well, I have no idea, because DoodleBook is super well made. It runs like a champ, and it is very easy to get wherever you want to go.

The drawing interface is simple yet refined. You doodle all in blacks and grays, much like you would in a real life setting at a kitchen table or out to dinner. However, a cool zoom feature, an undo/redo option, eraser and more make the results quite entertaining and interesting. I dig the organization and pared down mentality, but dig the resulting amusing doodles even more. Well done!

One small complaint I have is that if you are in a Doodle Play with an opponent, and you’re comparing drawings, there is no option to get back to the rest of the app. The only option you have is to continue playing, like or comment. Oversight or am I missing something?

Overall Value:

In the spirit of doodlers everywhere, the DoodleBook iPhone app is absolutely free. To be fair, it is supported by small banner advertisements, but they do not detract from the game and fun, in my opinion.

If you are so inclined, you can, naturally, upgrade the app to an ad-free version. You can also buy more coins if you so desire. Earning coins is kind of fun, by voting, commenting and participating, so while I do see why they are available, I think that this game can be enjoyed on a small budget if so desired.

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DoodleBook iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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