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Sorceria 2: Sunken City: Written & Video iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Sorceria 2 by developer WaterMark RPG, is a newly-released RPG app. It’s available for free through iTunes and may just be the next big thing for gamers who love old-school role playing games on mobile devices. Is it? Let’s take a look!

Sorceria 2: Sunken City is set in the fantasy land of Lemuria. True to the title of the app, Lemuria is deep underwater, a city of the Ancients. Your team of adventurers is tasked with protecting the various researchers who are now exploring the ruins of this once proud city. Sea monsters from the deeps and more have been attacking with increasing frequency and its up to your squad of heroes to figure out why.
Storyline aside, the gameplay is very similar to the classic RPGs of old, like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun, Lufia, etc. You are tasked with controlling traveling group of characters, fighting turn-based RPG style with various monsters and enemies, getting loot and upgrading your party. Initially, you’ll have to choose the class of each character in your party (4 in a party). There’s a great selection of different classes to choose from, 8 different ones ranging from the mysterious Morph to the classic Rogue and Fighter. There’s all sorts of challenges to be faced in Lemuria, with traps, monsters, two game modes, randomized weapons/monster/item stats per game and a host of fascinating places to explore in a unique underwater environment.
The developers of Sorceria 2: Sunken City have put the extra effort in to make this game, with different endings based on character classes and random cycle NPCs. The game play feels old school, envoking a nice, nostalgic feel of Gameboy-style RPGs of yesteryear. Furthermore, the developers offer a very helpful website, linked above, for gamers to give feedback and tips on various puzzles.

Appearance and Layout:

Gamers who grew up playing many of the older, classic role playing games will feel right at home in Sorceria 2: Sunken City. The overall menu and layout isn’t quite as polished as many blockbuster titles, but it’s easy to navigate and allows for focusing on the game play without having to fiddle with the controls too much. Sorceria 2: Sunken City’s graphics consist of many different pixel art images, once again giving off the lovely old-school feel. This will come as a big shock for gamers looking for 3D graphics, but 2D pixel art is just as fine, if not bette in some aspects, especially for a game like Sorceria 2: Sunken City. There’s a very helpful tutorial attached to the main landing page as well, should you need it.


Sorceria 2: Sunken City iPhone App Review

Sorceria 2: Sunken City isn’t for everyone. Gamers who will only play apps with cutting edge graphics or fast-paced game play probably won’t pick this app from Watermark RPG. However, I would encourage those who are more open minded about game graphics and classic game play to strongly consider Sorceria 2: Sunken City. There’s not enough turn-based RPGs on the iOS, let alone those with such a unique settings and hours of gameplay as Sorceria 2: Sunken City. Classic game play, old-school graphics, intense turn-based combat, and a neat fantasy setting combine to make Sorceria 2: Sunken City a memorable experience.

Sorceria 2:Sunken City Phone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review, as well as a video production fee.

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