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Beats of Fist: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Beats of Fist is an app designed to thrill dashboard drummers worldwide. Developed by Zhang Le, Beats of Fist is a free iOS app that combines the joy of music with the fun of competitive action gaming. Beats of Fist can access songs through a user’s own iTunes library, completely eliminating the need to download additional songs in order to play this game; songs already in the game can also be used.


Beats of Fist is presented as being a game that pits players against enemies that appear based off of the beat of the background song. Initially users must use the game’s default songs, but once enough rewards points have been accumulated, incorporating one’s own iTunes library becomes an option. Other features include the ability to challenge friends’ high scores and to create somewhat personalized in-game characters.

Beats of Fist iPhone App Review

However, while Beats of Fist certainly sounds promising in concept, the current version of the app seems to fail to live up to expectations. For example, while the instructions for how to play the game were clear enough, the actual “hitting” of the in-game enemies did not accurately match with the beats of the song. Since Beats of Fist is promoted as being a game that utilizes musical beats as an important part of the app, this was an extremely frustrating issue to encounter. However, for players who are not concerned with the musicality of the game, Beats of Fist should still prove to be entertaining.

Appearance and Layout:

Beats of Fist boats of having stellar graphics, and even the pickiest of gamers should be able to agree that this app certainly doesn’t fail to deliver on this promise. The graphics for this app are somewhat similar to those of any other intense arcade-style action fighting game, and they certainly exceed the expectations for the graphics for a free iOS game. Playing Beats of Fist was easy, even on the first try. Players are walked through a logically laid out series of instructions for the game; once the game starts, the players are thrown into a well-detailed set of graphics. Navigating through Beats of Fist is also easily accomplished, as small on-screen buttons direct players to various game options. Overall, Beats of Fist has certainly earned “5 stars” on both its appearance and its layout.


Beats of Fist is completely free, but additional features (like unlimited songs) must be purchased for small fees. As a free app, Beats of Fist is certainly well worth downloading, especially for anyone who loves games with great graphics. However, the previously mentioned issues with some of the features of this game prevent it from being rated at a higher ranking.

Beats of Fist iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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