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Air Hippo: Written iPhone App Review

Air Hippo for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Are you looking for a nice holiday diversion to take your mind off the impending festivities, moments spent with your family, and generally away from the things you’d rather be doing? If so, then you’re in luck: Air Hippo by developer Oleg Kapitonov offers a brand new arcade-esque game for you to enjoy on your iPhone and iPad during the yuletide season. It’s got a new and inventive concept, simple controls, and more than enough fun to go around. For our full review, you need only to check down below beyond the break.

Concept and Gameplay

As stated, Air Hippo is very much focused on the yuletide season, and does happen to come with a rather unique premise. Essentially, you’ll be playing as the world’s only hippopotamus Santa Claus, delivering gifts to the children of the world by flying over them and donating willy nilly. For some reason, the children are flying too, and will sit beneath you. To give them presents, you slide a finger downward, dashing below to quickly dole out a gift. If you don’t do this quickly enough, the children will become angry—impatient little ingrates! Once enraged, they will storm up towards you, taking whatever gifts they so please.

In this way, you’ll keep going until you either run out of bags, or decide to give up. The game is a true arcade title in the sense that there is no ceiling to confine you. Should you wish to play for hours on end—and actually manage to do it—you’ll be rewarded with the high score and bragging rights to go along side your effort. In other words, we can’t get enough of Air Hippo.

Graphics and Design

Air Hippo for iPhone

Air Hippo for iPhone

Incidentally, the app also happens to look pretty good on the iPhone and iPad, as well. It’s got a very unique and festive art style that goes a long way toward establishing Air Hippo as its own arcade platform. Furthermore, we quite liked the simplistic and easy to learn controls. It took us only a matter of seconds to work out how things were done, and from there it was straight to handing out presents, dishing out goods, and earning the high score we deserve. All in all, it’s a very solid effort from a new developer.

Overall Value

Best of all, Air Hippo will cost you nothing: Yes, nothing! It’s available for free in the App Store, which makes it the perfect addition to your Holiday arcade lineup, especially if you’re in need of a quick and simple-to-learn title to while away a few minutes while the turkey’s being carved. At the end of the day, Air Hippo gets our solid recommendation, as well as our thumbs. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some presents to give!

AirHippoAir Hippo requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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