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Guitar Coach Magazine: Free and Chock-Full of Practical Lessons and Advice

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Guitar Coach Magazine: Written iPad App Review Typically here at the iPhone App Review, we like to stick to traditional applications, and not those items restricted to the Newstand. However, occasionally we do find an offering that simply cannot be turned away. Today we’ve got just such an offering, called Guitar […]


VZ Navigator: a Feature-Packed Navigation App from Verizon

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: VZ Navigator: Written iPhone App Review An iPhone can be many things: a notepad, planner, social media device, and sometimes even an actual phone. One of the things I use my phone most for, however, is navigation, which is why I’m always eager to try a new GPS app. VZ Navigator, […]


Action! It’s Like Charades for Your Phone

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Action!: Written & Video iPad App Review The new Action! iOS app from Showbucks is an interactive masterpiece, full of laugh-inducing fun and plenty of ways to connect with friends and family who happen to be far away, or right next to you. Features: Action! for iPhone and iPad is the […]