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Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game: Puzzle Animal Freeing Fun!

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game: Written iPhone Game App Review Zoo Escape – Puzzle Game, by Creative Fingerprint Design, is a fun new iPhone app. Try to outsmart the zookeeper and escape into the wild with Zoo Escape! Features: Using finger taps, guide the different zoo animals out of the zoo. […]


Dress Up Your Videos with Reviocam

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Reviocam: Written & Video iPhone Photo App Review In Japan it’s known as “Purikura” here in the USA it’s known as goofy mall booth photos, but no matter what you call it the truth will out. This super cute style makes photos and videos campy and irresistibly fun, and now you […]


Green Smiley Matching Fun with Smarter Buddies

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Smarter Buddies: Written iPhone Game App Review Smarter Buddies, by developer Mobile Innovations AD, is a new matching app for iOS devices. With fun, cartoony graphics and a spin on the classic matching game, does this app have what it takes to succeed on iTunes? Features: Smarter Buddies takes the classic […]


TennisSolo: Just You and a Ball

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: TennisSolo: Written & Video iPhone Game App Review Tennis lovers, you are no doubt familiar with the game so common there isn’t even a name for it, where you bounce your tennis ball on your racquet up into the air, catching it again on your racquet over and over again as […]


See What the Cards Have to Say with Tarot of Love

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Tarot of Love: Written iPhone App Review Who wouldn’t want to know what lies ahead in the future? I’ve always enjoyed things like fortune cookies and horoscopes. While it’s not wise to believe every little thing you’re told, it’s still fun and entertaining to see what these fortune tellers have to […]


Task Manager on the iPhone: SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard: Written iPhone App Review Have you ever wanted to track your device’s memory usage, battery life, disk space, data and more, all in one app? Such an app exists, as the newly-released SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard, from developer AppHome. Interested? Read on! Features: Just a few weeks back, I […]

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