Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom bring Genre-Bending Fun to the iOS

Price: Free
Wars Online: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Wars Online-Defend Your Kingdom by developer Mobelabb, is a new, cross-genre game app for the iOS. It’s currently available for free through iTunes. Does this new medieval fantasy game have what it takes to reach the top of the iTunes charts? Read on!

Just released on November 2nd, Wars Online-Defend your Kingdom is already making waves in the iOS world with many positive reviews from gamers. It’s hard to define the actual genre of Wars Online  as it allows gamers to take use several game play styles to advance. Think: Angry Birds + Tower Defense + RPG + Real Time Strategy. Basically, gamers must defend their castle, on a 2D, side scrolling map, from the enemy troops approaching from the other side’s castle. Like in many RTS and tower defense games, the player must use the in-game money they earn to carefully purchase troops and weapons. On top of that are cleverly-mounted cannons at each castle. Gamers can launch projectiles from these, Angry Birds-style, at enemy troops. There are 30 unique single player battles to take part in with a huge array of different troop and weapon types to use. Users can use the money they earn in battles to upgrade and advance their armies, RPG-style, between battles. I really liked the variety of game play and tactical scenarios available in Wars Online. Once gamers get done with the single player, there is a healthy online, multiplayer battle scene to jump into! This is where the some of the most intense matches take place. I was impressed with the fairly large online community involved in this game and found plenty of battles to take part in online through the built-in game finder service. There are in-app purchases, although gamers shouldn’t feel too pressured to buy them to do well, if they take the time to focus on the game. Overall, Wars Online rocks a unique and fun style of game play with a solid set of online options for further multiplayer battles.

Appearance and Layout:

Wars Online Iphone App Review

Wars Online offers sharp, cartoon-style medieval fantasy graphics. These are set amongst a slick layout, allowing for easy game play and adjusting of options. The music is neat, although occasionally a little repetitive. The battle effects are great and really help drawn the gamer into the battle. Finally, the game features a great Tutorial to help introduce new gamers to Wars Online with ease, a much appreciated feature!


For a free app, Wars Online offers a lot! I didn’t feel forced to buy IAP items, although these are available should you want them. The impressive single player experience is great fun, and can be pretty fast-paced and frantic at times, requiring awesome micro skills. Graphics are great and the game play totally unique- Wars Online is definitely one new app every iOS gamer should check out!

Wars Online iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone (3GS+), iPod Touch (3rd Gen +), and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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  1. 26sl says:

    This is truly amazing game. The combination of action, strategy and tower defense is just spot on!!! But the best part is deninitely the multiplayer mode. Now I can play with my friends from all over the world, isn’t that amazing! :)

  2. Dan Thomas says:

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