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AccessToGo Remote Desktop/RDP Client: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

AccessToGo by Ericom Software provides quick, easy, and secure access to all of your desktop apps whenever you’re away from your main computer. Specifically, this app’s developers boast that it is the fastest mobile RDP client on the market today. The standard features of the AccessToGo App are currently available for free through the iTunes store.


AccessToGo is an app that is meant to be used just as its name suggests—to help individuals access their most important desktop apps while “on the go.” AccessToGo, however, does not just do this in any haphazardly manner; in addition to whatever basic security features one might have already installed on their chosen iOS device, AccessToGo provides further security options in order to ensure that you alone will be able to access your desktop from afar. An unlimited amount of desktop connections can supposedly be linked through this app; since I only currently have one laptop myself (and therefore one desktop to access), I was unable to fully test out this claim. However, I did notice that creating a new connection was wonderfully simple.

Perhaps one of AccessToGo’s best features is the speed at which the app operates. Any observable lag that I determined while using this app was definitely minimal and certainly not significant enough to complain about. Other features of AccessToGo include support for both touchpad and floating pointers, as well as remote mouse and keyboard support. Additionally, AccessToGo currently supports at least 10 different languages.

AccessToGo iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

While I certainly wouldn’t praise this app for being aesthetically pleasing, I really can’t argue with the overall practicality of the layout. AccessToGo may not be pretty, but its design is purposeful, leaving little room for confusion for the first time user. Consumers must first set up connections prior to using AccessToGo; setting up a connection is fairly straight forward, especially for free users (those who are not using Ericom’s Blaze option). In addition to setting up connections, consumers can also change the settings for their AccessToGo app; these settings include choosing remote keyboard and pointer options. Again, while the visual appearance of setting up these connections and choosing settings isn’t very unique, the layout of these steps is completely practical. For an app with a purpose like AccessToGo’s, this practicality must be considered to be of more importance than its appearance.


AccessToGo’s standard features are all currently available for free. Because of this, the overall value of this app is certainly excellent. However, it still must be noted that the most heavily advertised feature of AccessToGo (its incredible speed) is only really possible when using the Blaze accelerated connection, which is currently not offered in the free standard AccessToGo app.

AccessToGo iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone app reviews rating:


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