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Photo Book—Created in 2 Minutes: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Photo Book by Vukee boasts of providing consumers with a quick and easy way for them to transfer their iOS photos to photo books for a more permanent preservation of those memories and moments. Photo Book is a free app that is compatible with the iTouch, iPhone, and iPad, and requires iOS 5.1 or later. The price of the photo books sold and created through this app vary, depending on the chosen book design/cover options.

Photo Book iPhone App Review


Photo Book provides consumers with a quick way to organize their chosen iOS photos into photo books. Unlike some photo websites that require users to spend hours organizing their photos before a desirable book layout can be made, Photo Book promises to create lovely books in just “5 clicks.” As I used the app myself, I did find that the ease in creating a photo book with Photo Book was as wonderful as promised. While creating an account before this app can be used is not necessary, allowing the app to access your iOS photos is obviously a requirement. Once the photos have been accessed, users can simply select which photos they’d like to use for their book. The next screens direct users to choosing a cover option; users can also name their photo book and choose which photo they’d like to appear on the cover. A book preview and payment options are then displayed for the user. Finally, payment and shipping information is then entered into the app. Shipping time varies, depending on the location of the order. The cost of a single photo book is raised significantly if the “hardcover” option is selected.

Appearance and Layout:

Photo Book’s layout is typical for an app of its type. Namely, the sequence of option selections for creating the photo book is logical, and while not too much can be said for the graphics of this app, the overall appearance of this app is far from visually disgusting. However, while using this app, I felt that Photo Book is definitely an app that is meant to be used all in one sitting; namely, the app would always create a new photo book every time that I opened it. While making books with this app is quick enough so that every person should be able to generate a book in mere minutes, some users may find this “new book each time” function to be a bit frustrating and less than ideal.


The Photo Book app itself is free, and because of this, some may consider this app to be an excellent value. However, the photo books created through this app are certainly not free, and the cost of some of the options for these books is arguably not any cheaper than special offers for photo books that are often available through more well-known photo printing companies. Because the quality of the photo books themselves is impossible to determine based on the graphics of the app alone, whether or not Photo Book’s actual books are worth their price cannot be positively stated here. That being said they do offer a 50% discount on your first photo book and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

 Photo Book iPhone app requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad The iPhone app review’s rating:

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