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MapsWithMe Pro: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

One of my biggest pet peeves with iOS devices is the inability to save maps for future reference, especially when offline. MapsWithMe Pro by developer Yury Melnichek, aims to change that. The $4.99 pro version of this app aims to free users from the tether of internet connection requirements on iOS devices running 4.3 or later.

For users running the brand new iOS 6.0, holding onto maps for later, offline use isn’t too difficult. However, for those stuck in the previous generations of iOS devices (many, including myself on one of my devices), it’s very difficult to save maps for offline use. Many people who constantly rack up their roaming and data charges don’t realize this, but other systems, like Android, offer a very useful ‘save for offline use’ that helps save on data. Thus, I was pretty happy to discover MapsWithMe Pro for the iOS. It basically allows users to view all maps during offline use AND search these maps for all the objects on the map! That first feature is a wonderful one and the second one is super useful as well. There’s a great search feature for the area, allowing users to check out Restaurants, Malls, Parks and more. Even better is the accessible GPS feature that allows you to know exactly where you are if it’s in the saved offline map. I was also impressed with the fast loading of the maps, allowing for easy browsing without annoying grey squares. All countries in the world are available in this pro version, allowing for international usage as well.
For those wondering where MapsWithMe Pro gets their map data, fear not. This app uses the powerful OpenStreetMap, one of my favorite Google Maps-alternative systems for maps. It’s generally quite thorough and comparable with the larger players in this market (Bing, etc).

MapsWithMe Pro iPhone App Review

Layout and Design:
MapsWithMe Pro sports a slick interface that allows for fast browsing on the fly. Zoom in and out with ease, pan around the map and check out multiple locations quickly with the streamlined interface. Even better, the high-quality compression of images allows for very efficient browsing of the high-quality map images across the world. I was truly impressed by the scope of MapsWithMe Pro and the great layout-it’s definitely spot on for a map browsing app.

For those of us not blessed with a truly unlimited data plan, or just running off wireless internet networks completely, being able to save and use maps for offline use is a truly fantastic deal. Maps with Me Pro makes this possible, for the cost of $4.99. The addition of ability to search locations and places during offline use is definitely worthy of mentioning and adds even more to this powerful map app! It’s definitely one to check out and is a very useful feature for the iOS!

MapsWithMe Pro is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 4.3 or later. A small fee was paid to expedite this review.

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