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Monster Crew: Written iPhone App Review

Monster Crew for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Today’s full-length review may be running just a tad behind Halloween, but that doesn’t mean its creepy good fun is any less important now. In fact, if you’re looking for just a tad bit more of the holiday spirit, but also want something incredibly fun to tide you over during your morning commute, there’s nothing we’d recommend more than Monster Crew by developer BonusXP. The app is deliciously well-done, and is perhaps one of the best side-scrolling titles we have seen in a very long time. For our full analysis of what this monster-ridden app is offering, check below beyond the break!

Concept and Gameplay

If you are a fan of side scrolling arcade gaming, or have been introduced to the concept at some point during your life, then you’ve already got a pretty good handle on how Monster Crew works. The app has you playing as a small child in pursuit of his lost card collection, battling against an evil doctor thanks to his Frankenstein avatar.

To get your cards, and all of your other stuff back, you’ll need to squish enemies with your stomp jump, avoid hazardous obstacles, collect an entire army of coins, and otherwise suck up the loot and rewards littered about the game’s endless castle. It truly is endless, too: We love these sort of infinite arcade games, as the main draw here is its untempered potential. You play as long as you can stay alive, a feat made all the more possible thanks to a number of bonus cards and powerups that litter the game. If you feel like you might get bored of the regular gameplay, despair not! The game even has classic arcade boss fights to tickle your interest with.

Design and Graphics

Monster Crew for iPhone

Monster Crew for iPhone

Did we mention that Monster Crew looks absolutely fantastic on the iPhone and iPad, as well? It’s a universal application, and no matter where we gave it a whirl, it simply performed marvelously. The app features a soft cartoon appeal, as well as an entire roster of enemies and background locations. This is not a half-hearted attempt to create a basic arcade game: Monster Crew supports an entire world, one we were more than happy to dive directly into. Best of all, the physics engine contained within the app behaves exactly as we’d hope it would, which means no messy complaints from us!

Overall Value

Here’s the facts, ma’am: Monster Crew is completely free with in-app purchases, though you hardly need them if you don’t prefer it. This makes it an incredible bargain, as well as one of the easiest recommendations we have ever given. The app is incredibly fun, and you’ll enjoy it immensely: We don’t usually say this, but a great time is guaranteed.

Monster CrewMonster Crew requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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