HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark Blasts onto iOS!


Price: Free

HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Hoops&yoyo, the beloved cartoon duo from card company Hallmark and BareTreeMedia, are back! This time, they are starring in the free app HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark. It’s a fun-filled app, perfect for the photobomb lover of all ages. Interested? Read on!

Users of HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE will find the photo editing process simple and fun. All one has to do is select the image of these fine cartoon characters, snap a photo, then add the image for the most fun. Using pinch touch on the screen allows for the user to quickly resize the added image. Two-finger touch and twist allows for rotations of the image. Finally, when it’s all ready, the user can save the image to their gallery and share it with friends and family via social media or email.
Had all the fun you could with the included free images in this app? Then hit up the online store in the app and select from all sorts of zany hoops&yoyo cartoon images to upgrade your app with. These are just $0.99 per pack and offer a whole host of fun photo editing possibilities. I really liked how the hoops&yoyo vector images easily resized and fit in on my photos in all sorts of funny ways.

Layout and Design:
Hoops&yoyo is a hilarious cartoon duo and the design of this fun app certainly doesn’t detract from their antics. Instead, users will be thrilled to see both of these jokers represented in full through the app. The various graphics of them look great, and fit in will as perfect “photobombs” for a variety of situations. The pre-included icons are pretty solid for a free app and the in-app purchase icons are even more fun, usually for $0.99 each. There’s even a helpful tutorial to allow new users to quickly figure out the ins and outs of HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE with ease.

HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark iPhone App Review

Snap a photo. Select the Hoops and YoYo image to add. Drag ‘n drop it, resizing and adjusting to allow for the perfect match. Save the image. Share it with your friends and family online. Boom! That’s HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE in a nutshell. Don’t let the simplified description steer you away though-it’s a free app with a nice set of hilarious images to photobomb your friends with, all in one unique iOS app. This app is definitely a must-have for any hoops&yoyo fan!

HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, requiring iOS 5.0 or later. A small fee was paid to expedite this review.

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