Top 5 Holiday Shopping Apps Roundup: The Apps You Need for the Gifts You’ll Buy

If you haven’t bothered to look at a calendar recently, let us be the first to break the news to you: Christmas is swiftly upon us in all of its red, green and white glory. We’re not complaining, though—In fact we rather like the Holidays! That being said, every year about this time we do start to freak out a little.

After all, there are just so many Christmas gifts to buy, so many deals to try and secure, so many items to check up on before biting the bullet and diving right in. How is one to manage all of this anyway?

Thanks to the handiness that is iOS, it’s actually not quite as hard as you might think. Want the proof? Below you’ll find our Top 5 Holiday Shopping Aides and Assistants for the iPhone and iPad. Are these the best Christmas / Holiday shopping apps available? Why don’t you decide! Big title, even bigger tips! So without further ado, hop on down below the break to get cracking at what it is we’re putting under the Top 5 tree.

Newegg Mobile – Free

Newegg Mobile for iPhone

Newegg Mobile for iPhone

Granted we do write for a tech blog, but we imagine we’re not the only ones whose Christmas wish lists are full to the gills with tech-focused ideas. In fact, we usually get quite a few gadget and gidget related requests from our family every year. To this end, may we present to you now Newegg Mobile.

For those not in the know, Newegg is a brilliant website offering up computers, computer parts, and just about anything else that needs electricity to run. All of this you can, of course, access from your iPhone. However, the real kicker here is the app’s barcode scanner. This is important, as it allows you to price check an item in the store. Not sure if that computer is a bargain? Give it a scan and find out!

Price Check by Amazon – Free

Price Check by Amazon

Price Check by Amazon

Along the same lines, why not give Price Check by Amazon a go? This app behaves in a manner similar to Newegg Mobile, only it expands the playing field and gives you access to the entire Amazon library of products. This means you can scan just about anything in the store, and then receive an immediate quote on how much less it would cost to purchase over the Web.

And because Amazon truly does offer just about anything you could want, your options are only limited to items with a barcode. It’s a mesmerizing experience, and when you’re in the heat of a full Holiday Shopping Blitz, it can be life saver.

Shopular – Free



Do you like mall shopping? Do you frequent the sort of outlet locations that Armani might thumb his nose at? If so, then great! We’ve got just the app for you: It’s called Shopular, and it comes loaded up with all sorts of deals, coupons and discounts to ensure you get the most bang for your buck out there on the mall rat circuit.

The app provides you with immediate and usable coupons right there on your iPhone. No need for messy cutting and printing. Just huck your phone at the register, and the rest is managed easily from your iDevice’s screen.

Etsy – Free



But what if you need a bit more of a creative gift? What if you need something a little more original, something that will speak to the sensitive, jazz playing, wine drinking individual on your Christmas list? In other words, what if you were to buy a gift for us?

Joking aside, Etsy is a fantastic way to look for creative and gorgeous gifts directly from your iPhone and iPad. The Etsy shop is composed entirely of items hand-crafted and produced by Etsy users. You’ll frequently find one of a kind deals here, and with the option to shop from your arm chair, you won’t even break a sweat doing it. Even if its just a scarf for grandma, Etsy is a rocking way to go this Holiday season.

Better Christmas List – $1.99

Better Christmas List

Better Christmas List

Lastly, we’ve got Better Christmas List for the iPhone. This is exactly what you think it is, and it works exactly as you hope it might work. The app is an all-in-one budgeting, shopping and list making utility for the season. It ensures you stay organized, productive and otherwise on top of everything you need for the Holiday Gift Exchange. It’s even got a gigantic counter at the top to let you know how many days you have left before the bombs drop. Metaphorically speaking, that is!

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