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DesignYourBody: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

DesignYourBody is an app that is presented as being the perfect way to help you reach your fitness goals. Created by Design Your Life, Inc., DesignYourBody creates personalized workout plans that are designed to help strengthen and tone your physique. For added convenience, explanations for how to do each listed workout are provided through the DesignYour Body app; this provides even the beginner exerciser with the necessary knowledge for using the listed workouts.

DesignYourBody iPhone App Review


 DesignYourBody brings consumers an organized way to create customized workout plans that can be accessed easily through their favorite iOS device. This app seems to be mostly focused on helping consumers who are just learning about various exercise routines and strength-training techniques; while the workouts listed on DesignYourBody are not particularly unique (descriptions of how to do the exercises can be readily found online), the app is useful in how it provides lists (and how-to’s) for these workouts, all in a concise format. DesignYourBody users are initially instructed to create a profile; this basic profile calculates one’s BMI, and it is from this information that a basic workout plan is created.

However, users also have the option of personalizing workouts to best suit their individual needs and fitness goals. For example, a Pilates program is available, as well as suggested workouts for athletes in specific sports. Other specialized programs focus on toning the abdominals, legs, or arms. Personally, I was pleased overall with the workout schedule that DesignYourBody created for me, based on my basic BMI information; the workout included a good combination of aerobic exercises and strength training, and it even devoted almost an entire workout to just stretching. Additionally, personalizing the suggested workout routine to best fit my own goals was easily accomplished.

Appearance and Layout:

As a whole, DesignYourBody is laid out in a very logical format. Tabs at the bottom of the screen direct users to various features of the app, and workout explanations can easily be accessed through the appropriate tabs. While the app itself cannot really boast of featuring great graphics, such graphics really aren’t necessary for an app of this type. However, throughout the app I did find several misspellings; while perfection in this area is not necessary for an app to be functional, I did find the misspellings to be frustrating. Additionally, while DesignYourBody is clearly created to help consumers get into better physical shape, I found that the app’s “motivational” words could easily be considered degrading by some. For example, one of the weekly workout programs is titled “How Long Do You Want to Live as a Scrawny Person?” While the intention behind the titles are understandable, it would be preferable if such an app helped build up users’ self esteem at the same time that they worked on building up their physical fitness levels.


 DesignYourBody costs $1.99 through the iTunes store. While this cost is certainly not exorbitant, it can be argued that similar fitness-tracking apps are available for less (or even free). However, at the same time, DesignYourBody does appear to offer more detailed and personalized fitness plans than some of these other apps, should an individual choose to fully take advantage of all of the DesignYourBody features.

DesignYourBody iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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