Genius Greedy Mouse: Puzzling in Clay-Mation Glory


Price: $1.99
Genius Greedy Mouse: Written and Video iPad App Review

Genius Greedy Mouse for iPad

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Have we mentioned recently that we think the iPad is a truly cool device? The reason we’re mentioning it now is because it brings us incredible games like Genius Greedy Mouse, by developer Space Fractal. We know we’re suckers for unique puzzle games to begin with, but the app is cleverly designed, succulently good looking, and unbelievably challenging. Best of all, it’s only two bucks in the US App Store! If you’re looking for our full review of this great new puzzler, then you’ll find it tucked away below.

Concept and Gameplay

If you’ve ever played one of those ye olden arcade games in which your avatar must move around a variety of bins, boxes and other obstacles to solve problems, then you have a decent handle on how Genius Greedy Mouse works. The app has you directing your mousey counterpart around a series of underground levels. The objective? To score as much cheese as possible. To do so you’ll need to leverage a variety of unique objects, all of which perform simple but specific tasks. Oh, and you’ll need to not bugger up their arrangement, as well! Otherwise, you’ll find yourself painted into a rather cheese-less corner.

The puzzles are really rather complex, and the game comes with a variety of difficulty settings in case you’re feeling particularly hard on yourself. Each level has a unique twist, a certain set of objects, and enough flair to hold our interest. Furthermore, the simplistic controls make it incredibly easy to take a peek at the level from afar, as well as direct your rodent avatar. All in all, it’s a fun, easy-to-pick-up mixture of engaging ideas and excellent execution.

Graphics and Design

Genius Greedy Mouse for iPad

Genius Greedy Mouse for iPad

We’ve also got a pretty big soft spot in our hearts for Genius Greedy Mouse because it uses clay as its animation base—a medium we’re really rather fond of. The app is simply gorgeous because of this, though it is definitively different. If this bothers you, you’re not going to escape the clay. However, to us it was a perfect way to showcase the quirky concept, the excellent level design, and the fun approach developers can choose to have (and should more often) when it comes to iOS app design. Overall, it’s a truly remarkable look, and one we cannot get enough of.

Overall Value

To put this simply, the app is two bucks in the App Store. That’t not a lot to ask to begin with, but if you need some additional convincing, here goes: Genius Greedy Mouse is a truly inventive puzzler for the iPad with a whimsical bent, a wealth of levels to play through, and more than enough charm to keep you puzzling away for hours. All in all, it easily earns our recommendation to fans of iPad and iPhone puzzlers.

Genius Greedy MouseGenius Greedy Mouse is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch (please see iTunes for iOS version requirements). A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: 

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3 Responses to “Genius Greedy Mouse: Puzzling in Clay-Mation Glory”

  1. Look like I have do a error with iOS support and thansk for mention its required iOS6. I correct that, so its only require iOS4.3 and up which was the orinally mean. I do a update later this week.

  2. Sorry for the above spellings.

    I have just fixed and upload a new binary to Apple. The game require iOS v6.0+ now, but in the update, only iOS 4.3 is required.

  3. All issues about the possible crash and iOS requirements is now fixed and the new binary is now ready.

    Sorry to all which did have problems.

    Also thanks for the cool review :-D

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