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iTax Comparator: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

iTax Comparator by MINLG PTY. Ltd provides users with a quick comparison of income taxation rates in 80 countries around the world. While this app is not intended to be used for the purpose of providing investment or business advice, iTax Comparator can be beneficial for providing a good amount of relevant information all in one convenient location.

iTax Comparator iPhone App Review


iTax Comparator does just what its name suggests: Compares taxation rates. To view this comparison of rates, users simply input their country and yearly income, and the app does the work of taking this data and generating a quick list of countries and their yearly income tax rates, as relevant to the inputted data. This data is provided for each of the 80 countries listed in iTax Comparator both as percentages and actual monetary values. Additionally, this information can be sorted by either alphabetical order or by taxation rates, for added ease in comparing this information. Changing the value of the income that is being compared through this app can also be easily accomplished.

 Appearance and Layout:

The general layout of iTax Comparator leaves very little room for confusion or error. Users are provided with a welcome screen where they input their country and yearly income value, and through using a “compare taxes” button they are led to an alphabetical list of countries and their income taxation rates. If desired, users can also view the list by order of taxation rates; a small button at the top right side of each “Taxes” screen leads to these sorting options. Overall, the graphics of iTax Comparator are certainly minimal, but any more detailed graphics would truly not be necessary for an app of its type. A good amount of color (but no unnecessary overstimulation of the visual senses) is provided by the flag icons that are featured by each represented country. Fonts in this app are easy to read.


iTax Comparator is currently sold for $0.99 on iTunes. This minimal cost will be considered worthwhile for consumers who are interested in a quick way to compare worldwide income rates. However, for those who find that locating this information online is just as simple, then purchasing iTax Comparator will be seen as a frivolous investment. Overall, it simply depends on the needs of an individual consumer.

 iTax Comparator iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad The iPhone app reviews rating:

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