Cuba: Lost in the Shadows, a New Kind of App


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Cuba: Lost in the Shadows: Written iPhone App Review

Cuba Lost in the Shadows for iPad

Cuba Lost in the Shadows for iPad

Here at the iPhone App Review we love to see apps that push the boundaries of what an app is and can be. Cuba: Lost in the Shadows by MoPix is a breakaway from the classic games, to-do lists, and social networking apps that fill the app market. Cuba: Lost in the Shadows is a documentary film rolled into an app. Check out our review below the break!

Concept and Functionality [Rating: 5/5]

Cuba: Lost in the Shadows tells the story of Michael Colin, a movie producer who goes to Cuba to make a movie about the Cuban Revolution. When news of this reaches Fidel and Raul Castro, he and the Cuban national who was going to write the screenplay for Colin’s movie are forced to leave Cuba. The documentary is narrated by Colin’s son, also Michael Colin. Colin travels to Cuba to find out more about his father, a man that he never knew. Cuba: Lost in the Shadows is the story of his quest to learn about him.

This app acts as a fully-packed special edition DVD or Bluray would. It includes special notes from the director, a collection of photos, and extra interviews not included in the feature. It shares a snapshot of the revolution: the fear, the change, and the anti-American attitude of revolutionaries.

Design and Graphics

Cuba Lost in the Shadows for iPad

Cuba Lost in the Shadows for iPad

The simplicity in the design of this app is what really charms me. Cuba: Lost in the Shadows utilizes the large iPad screen to hold content and the menu slider on the screen without looking cramped. The look and feel of this app is near flawless.

The font choices in the app leave a bit to be desired. While the different sections of the app are labeled with a none standard font, this doesn’t carry into the content held on the pages. The discrepancy in the fonts and the blander look of content in sections is glaring on the eyes, but a small flaw.

Cuba: Lost in the Shadows seems to be designed specifically for the landscape orientation of the iPad; some background images are cut off on the sides when viewing in portrait orientation, but this, again, is a small flaw.

Overall Value [Rating 4.5/5] 

Cuba: Lost in the Shadows is a very solid app. The documentary is interesting and well done, and the bonus content is a real treat after watching the full video. If you are interested in learning more about the Cuban revolution, and history in general, Cuba: Lost in the Shadows is a must! At $9.99 this is is a steal for a documentary of such caliber, and an obvious buy when you consider the amount of extra content included.

Cuba Lost in the ShadowsCuba: Lost in the Shadows requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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