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Squrl Video Discovery: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan


Do we really need yet another online video app for the iOS? The developers of Squrl would definitely say YES to that and so would we. Why do we love Squrl so much here at The iPhone App Review? Let’s dive into this look at this newly-updated video discovery app to find out!


Squrl Video Discovery app does just what its name states by helping you find the best videos online. Squrl pulls video links together from an absolutely impressive list of sources, including YouTube, Vimeo, CNN, Hulu, Netflix, IGN, Funny or Die, TED, TMZ, Reddit and many more. It organizes these in easy to use categories like Fresh, What’s Hot, and so on. Then, you, the user, simply loads up Squrl, and select your interests. There is no signup required (yes!). From there, Squrl takes up the rest of the work and brings you video suggestions based on your interests, from all over the Internet. Want to find something else? Simply use the powerful search tool built-in with Squrl and discover new interests for yourself. To add a nice social medical experience to it, Squrl also allows you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter friends, then auto creates channels posted by them for you to view! It’s an incredibly polished video browsing experience, right in the palm of your hands on the iOS and definitely one that feels like a winner!

Appearance and Layout:

Squrl iPhone App Review

Squrl rocks a very slick and Web 2.0-ish layout. Videos on a variety of topics are easy to discover, using the simple search tools or built-in interest tool. Squrl also organizes video from a variety of sources (everything from CNBC to YouTube to NetFlix and much, much more). It’s incredibly easy to browse through the app, making the video discovery process all the more enjoyable. Every video app player for web clips should take note of Squrl and watch out-it’s a slick competitor!


I was thoroughly impressed with the awesome array of features offered in Squrl  Video Discover. It’s not every day that we here at The iPhone Apps Review we stumble across such an amazing, all-in-one video experience for the iOS. To top things off, this trending video app comes for the low, low cost of $0.00. It’s received rave reviews from users online and we here at The iPhone App Review have to heartily agree-get Squrl now!

Squrl iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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