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CogniFit Brain Fitness: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

A product of CogniFit, CogniFit Brain Fitness is presented as being an app that works to train your brain to improve your overall cognitive and mental health. CogniFit Brain Fitness is fully integrated with the official CogniFit website. Therefore, users of the website can have their info saved and accessible through the CogniFit Brain Fitness app and vice versa.


CogniFit Brain Fitness is an app that is designed to do just what its name suggests—work out, strengthen, and assess one’s cognitive fitness levels. In order to do this, fun mind games in the form of visual puzzles are presented for free to each user; such games include jigsaw puzzles, mahjong, “words birds,” and “whack a mole.” Specific skills are tested during each game. For example, the jigsaw challenges are designed to hone users’ updating, focusing, and visual scanning skills while “whack a mole” is built to improve cognitive skills such as divided attention, working memory, planning, and spatial perception. While each game in this app focuses on providing different challenges, all of the games are similar in the way that they increase in difficulty as a player advances through the various levels.

As mentioned previously, CogniFit Brain Fitness is fully integrated to the complete CogniFit website, so users can play games and save their scores through both the website and the app alike. Additionally, users can challenge their friends to games if they so desire. The games featured in this app are ideal for entertaining small children and grown adults alike. As an added bonus, introducing children to the games in CogniFit Brain Fitness may be an excellent way to help them develop certain cognitive skills in a fun manner.

CogniFit Brain Fitness iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

Since this app is meant to assess individual cognitive abilities, users are required to create an account prior to beginning to use it. Once an account is created, a user is presented with a short tutorial on how to use CogniFit Brain Fitness, and they then have the choice of either training their brains through specific exercises or challenging their abilities during fun games. For each of these games and challenges the graphics are definitely more than adequate. Additionally, each game is fairly simple to play, even though the levels of difficulty do increase over time. However, during none of the games is it the layout of that is confusing; any confusion is usually due to planned “cognitive difficulties!”


CogniFit Brain Fitness is currently available as a free app. However, this affordable value is in no way indicative of a cheaply built app. Instead, CogniFit Brain Fitness is definitely an app that I would consider worth paying a small fee for, if doing so were required. Overall, this app is an excellent way to train cognitive skills for users of all ages and is wonderfully simple to use.

CogniFit Brain Fitness iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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