Top 5 Halloween Apps Roundup


By Count Luke Von Patrick

It’s that time of year, and Halloween is swiftly descending upon us. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the trees are changing color, the wind is getting chillier, and the air is slowly taking on a decidedly spooky tone. However, before you get too scared, we’d like to go ahead and alleviate some of your terror: Yes, we do have a Top 5 Halloween-Themed iPhone App Roundup prepared and ready to roll. Best of all, you’ll find it below without any need for wandering alone through the woods!

Yes, we’ve spent quite a bit of time combing through the iTunes App Catalog to find those apps that are guaranteed to add some spook to your step, some flair to your costume, or some more candy to your basket this Halloween. Ready to dive into the meat and potatoes? So are we! Without any further ado, check below the break for the full breakdown on our Top 5 Halloween Roundup.


Mystery ManiaMystery Mania

Electronic Arts, Inc.

Mystery Mania – $0.99

This is an oldy, but definitely a goody. We remember Mystery Mania back when it was just a simple point-and-click adventure with interesting graphics and a unique concept on our desktop. Now it’s a brand-new, redesigned iPhone and iPad adventure. Best of all, it’s one that arrives at your doorstep with an attractive price point and more than enough content to keep you busy.

The app features the spooky story of single mansion and all its secrets. Sound familiar? That’s because we’ve just described the plot of most horror films. Still, this one is a classic, and if you have yet to play it there’s no better time. And for a dollar, you can’t help but get on this horse and buggy!

Costume DeciderCostume Decider

GS Design, Inc.

Costume Decider – Free

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we often have one heck of a time deciding on a theme. Between all the sexy pirate getups, the spooky sheets with holes in them, and the obvious Ironic Frat Boy ensemble, there are simply too many options!

With more than 625 unique costume ideas, Costume Decider doesn’t really help in the reduction department, but it makes up for adding to the confusion with a wealth of solid suggestions. If you’re absolutely stuck without a quality Halloween costume idea, and you don’t have time to wait, this app will get you through in a pinch. It’s rotating wheels are guaranteed to find the right fit for you, and in a way that’s creepily entertaining, too.

Make a Zombie – Free

Make a ZombieMake a Zombie

Skunk Brothers GmbH

One of our absolute favorite applications on the Android platform is the now ubiquitous Androidify Me. We liked having the ability to create miniaturized, themed versions of ourselves. Now, thanks to Make a Zombie—a free app for the iPhone and iPad—we can do the exact same thing, only with a creepy twist.

The app offers the same essential concepts: You are given a wealth of tiny clothes and items with which to put together a zombie analog of yourself. However, with items hailing from all realms of the things terrible, you can be sure you’ll end up with a concoction that fits the tone of the season. Best of all, the app won’t cost you a dime, making it an ideal solution for your Halloween needs.

True Ghost Stories From Around the World – $0.99

True Ghost Stories From Around the WorldTrue Ghost Stories From Around The World

Joe Kwon, Inc.

Now, what would Halloween be without a little bit of campfire spook and circumstance? By our estimations, not much at all. With that in mind, be prepared to scare the pants off yourself and your mates with this quality collection of some of the scariest tales and mementos from all around the world.

True Ghost Stories From Around the World has been in the App Store for some time now, and with each passing year, it just gets better and better. It’s a beautiful collection of cleverly organized yarns from across the entire globe. And if you can’t find something in it to scare your friends with, we’d be shocked indeed.


ZombieSmash – $0.99


Zynga Mobile Germany

And last, though hardly least, we have an Halloween application entry by mega-developer Zynga. This app is a near perfect combination of zombie smashing excitement, castle defense action, and gorgeous graphics. You can rest assured you’ll get a professional title out of your dollar’s pennies, too—this one is by Zynga after all.

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a rock-solid tower defense application for the Halloween season, we can’t recommend anything over it. It’s got a mountain of levels, heaps of fun, and of course, a ton of undead corpses to pummel. And after all, what’s better than that?

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