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Timecap: Written and Video iPhone App Review

TimeCap for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Our utilities provider has started doing something cool: They allow us to track our usage from month to month, giving us a slightly deeper look and a more efficient cut at our use. It’s an awesome idea, and we’ve always wondered how it could be applied to other areas of life. Enter Timecap by developer XITASO. The app allows you to track how much time you spend working, how much time you’re on break, and even how long you’re on vacation. Then, it adds it all up for some wicked monthly reporting. If that sounds like a point of interest on your roadmap, you’ll find our full review listed out below!

Concept and Functionality

The basic idea behind Timecap looks something like this: How great would it be if you could accurately track how long you spend working—as well as not working? Then, what if you could compile all of it into a weekly, monthly or even yearly report that can easily be opened in popular office suite applications? Timecap, quite graciously, does all of this and more. This is all thanks to the app’s main feature, it’s incredibly simple timer.

Just boot the app up and hit the “Start Working” button. You’ll be automatically punched in. Need to take a break? Hit the button for it and the app will keep track. The same goes for punching out, which requires only a tap. With a few basic questions about your flex hours and vacation time, Timecap can easily use this simple timing mechanism to tell you how long you’ve been working, when you should break, and how much you’ve been taking a breather. It’s fluid, dynamic, and also happens to come with a swift export function to any variety of spreadsheet files. All in all, this makes it an easy addition to any worker’s day.

Graphics and Interface

TimeCap for iPhone

TimeCap for iPhone

The first thing we’ll say about Timecap is this: It’s not the most gorgeous application we have ever seen. With that in mind, it’s also by far not the worst, and it had no problem at all keeping up with our demands. We love the simplicity of the timer portion of the app, and though we’re slowly growing to hate tabbed navigational control, we can live with it. In other words, the app simply wont’ wow you off your feet, but then again, you’ll hardly notice the interface, either—which is a good thing, we promise!

Overall Value

And at the end of the day, the dollar the app will cost you makes it easily worth its weight in expense reports. If you’ve ever wondered just how efficient a worker you are, and you’ve always felt ready to test it out, there’s no better way to do the math. Timecap is a great companion at the office, and it comes with a fair price tag.

TimeCap for iPhoneTimecap requires iOS 5.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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