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Stamoves: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Are you always sharing photos of your daily life and special events? How about sharing animated photos with friends and family? The Stamoves app from developer 314x will help you do just that! It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, and runs on iOS 5.0 or later.


When you initially load Stamoves, you will be notified that the app will assist you in capturing a moment, by recording it, cutting it, and then choosing anywhere you want to keep the movement going. You will need to login or create an account in order to proceed.

Basically, with this app, you get to create animated GIFs by selecting various sections of a video that you can take right on the spot or that has already been saved on your device. You can also choose different kinds of editing filters to enhance the GIFs that you make, whether you want it to take on a more realistic approach or even a comical one. Once you have achieved what you are looking for, you can proceed to share your work with friends and family via social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

To learn more about how to use this app, check out this video here.

Stamoves iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

The overall appearance of Stamoves is just like the app itself, clean, basic, and simplistic. The app’s layout is very easy to figure out, and navigation is smooth to navigate around. With a light blue and white color background scheme, each feature of this app is exemplified and highlighted for full user potential. Editing features and sharing venues are clear and simplified, and any user of any age or background should have no problem using this app.


Since Stamoves is offered for free, it is something you do not want to pass up on. With social networking being super popular these days, what better way than just sharing instant photos, but making the photos more personalized by creating and sharing animated ones? Even for users who are not very familiar with GIFs, they will be sure to find this app fun and innovative, and also a great way to connect with friends and loved ones.

 Stamoves iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating: [Rating: 5/5]

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