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Birthday Greetings: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Providing the perfect alternative to regular e-cards or traditional birthday greetings, Birthday Greetings by Milk Drinking Cow is an app that is certain to get your friends laughing on their special day. This app is currently available for free for the basic version, but extra features can only be used when they are individually purchased. Birthday Greetings, as a whole, gives consumers a fun and personalized way to wish their friends and family a very happy day celebrating their birth.

Birthday Greetings iPhone App Review


Most people want to send a personal greeting to their friends on their birthdays, but most people also don’t have the time or the foresight to mail off such a greeting before the special day arrives. Birthday Greetings provides the perfect combination of personalized fun, timely delivery, and witty humor to ensure that your birthday well-wishes are well enjoyed and unique. Using Birthday Greetings is quick and easy; just take a picture of yourself or choose from any photos already on your iOS device and select a celebrity to pair the photograph with. Birthday Greetings then generates an audible greeting in the voice of the chosen celebrity which you can then conveniently share with your birthday buddy. While the exact length of these greetings varies, the sound clips are typically around 20 seconds long. The free version of this app features three different celebrities, but other celebrities can be individually purchased if desired.

Appearance and Layout:

Birthday Greetings is wonderfully easy to use. A “How To” tab at the bottom of the screen brings users to an informative info graphic that neatly explains each basic feature of the app, while an “Info” option brings consumers a list of other apps by the same developer, as well as credits for the Birthday Greetings App itself. The camera button is located exactly where other photo apps place this button, so the location is logical and makes the app fairly intuitive to use. Each photograph is crisp, and the sound quality of the greetings is perfectly understandable.


The basic Birthday Greetings app is completely free, and as such it can be easily stated that the value of this app is certainly a “5/5.” However, these basic features only include a limited number of celebrity greetings, and consumers will have to pay a small fee for adding on additional celebrities to their Birthday Greetings app. For example, while greetings from Clinton, Palin, and Obama can all be accessed for free, well-wishing from Abraham Lincoln must be purchased. Still, the basic features of this app should prove entertaining enough for many consumers to create funny, unique, and memorable birthday greetings for their friends and family members alike.

Birthday Greetings iPhone app requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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