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Block Earth: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Block Earth by ChooFun Games offers consumers with a fun game focused on building and exploring a user’s virtual world. More specifically, Block Earth players work explore their worlds while landscaping and building them up—all using block-like structures. While the possibilities are seemingly endless for this game, it should be noted that extra features do cost extra money.


Block Earth’s features are sure to impress even the most picky iOS app gamer. Offering everything from blasting through mountains with rocket launchers to sweet jet packs for flying short distances, Block Earth keeps the range of options for activities fully open for all players. There are currently two options for basic Block Earth landscapes: Flatland and “regular.” Both of these options present the same basic features, which include a full set of resources/materials to work with such as wood, brick, dirt/clay, and grasslands. Users can then take these materials to build up their worlds or explore them (usually through the use of the flying jet packs). Navigating through the Block Earth worlds is fairly simple, and these worlds can be seen through varying angles and perspectives, similar to the way one might turn his head to view the world in real life. Users can choose to enter worlds that they’ve already worked on building up and exploring each time they enter into their Block Earth app, or they can create new worlds as well. However, it should be noted that Block Earth is meant to be a solo explorer game, and is not a social game.

Appearance and Layout:

Block Earth iPhone App Review

The graphics of this game are significantly better than those of most other iOS app games. Brilliant colors and extremely vivid details are presented to each Block Earth player, offering spectacular views of each Block Earth world; in fact, the impressive skylines and blocks of water and land features almost make a player wish he/she could actually step into a Block Earth world. The controls for this game are at the bottom of the screen, and while initially using these controls to navigate around the world and build it may seem a bit confusing, even beginning gamers should be able to grasp a working hold on these controls after a few tries. Again, overall the graphics for this game are phenomenal.


As a whole, Block Earth is an entertaining solo player game and should be very satisfying for the consumer who always has an itch to explore and build. It features stellar graphics for a game of its type and is simple enough to be enjoyed by new gamers while also being complex enough to offer hours of entertainment. However, it is somewhat disappointing that not all of the features of Block Earth are covered with the purchase of the basic app, and special worlds cost just as much as the complete game itself.

Block Earth iPhone app requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iPhone App Review’s rating: 

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