Race Through the Grocery with Turbo Trolley

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Turbo Trolley: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Developed by Mark Nichols, Turbo Trolley (currently available in version 1.0.5) puts a whole new spin on the previously mundane task of grocery shopping. This iOS game is brings you to the aisles of grocery store where you must fill your shopping cart with certain items while skillfully maneuvering your cart around other shoppers. Like its name suggests, Turbo Trolley is not a game for the slow shopper, as it pits players against the clock in order to achieve high scores.


With catchy background music, players are offered both a “classic” version of Turbo Trolley and an arcade-style version. Beginners can choose to view simple instructions prior to starting off their first round of Turbo Trolley; however, the design of the game is simple enough and fairly self explanatory so most users will probably be able to enjoy this game without even having to read through these directions.

During both versions of Turbo Trolley, game players are shown a “shopping list” at the top of their iOS screens; collecting the correct items from the grocery store aisles results in a longer game (and therefore a higher score). However, if you select an incorrect item from the shelves, then Bradley the Baby (your shopping cart buddy) will throw that item back at you, and selecting three incorrect items results in a termination of that round of Turbo Trolley. High scores are then recorded, for both the classic Turbo Trolley and the arcade game version.

Turbo Trolley iPhone App Review

 Appearance and Layout

Turbo Trolley presents users with a clean cut presentation of shopping tasks to perform. While the graphics are certainly somewhat minimalist in this app, this lack of extreme detail is more of an asset than a negative aspect; the layout of each Turbo Trolley screen presents no opportunity for confusion about what a player should be doing and the “controls” (using on-screen arrows to move around) are simple enough to master quickly.


Overall, Turbo Trolley is a fun, easy to learn game for any iOS device. Its graphics are simple but adequate and its controls are easily mastered. Currently sold for $0.99, Turbo Trolley players should easily get enough enjoyment out of this fast-paced game to justify their purchase of it. However, it should be noted that Turbo Trolley will probably most be appreciated by those who are somewhat competitive, as this is a game that is measured in high scores (and not levels); therefore, challenging friends and family members to beat one’s Turbo Trolley high score will probably be the best way to enjoy long term entertainment out of this simple game.


Turbo Trolley iPhone app requires iOS 3.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. The iPhone App Review’s rating:

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