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Noisepad: Written iPhone App Review

Reviewed by Philip Chan

Hailing from developer MediaGROE and DJ Chuckie is the newly updated Noisepad (v 2.0) app for the iOS. This bangin’ beat maker is one of the best titles we have seen for Apple devices. Interested in why we loved it so much after this new update? Read on!


Noisepad is basically a live performance beat creator + sequencer and drum computer. It allows the users to setup multiple patterns with variable beat durations, record ‘em and export them for use either straight from the iOS device or elsewhere. You can even synchronize the BPM to imported music being played or set the BPM manually. There is a large array of features in Noisepad, although additional soundtracks need to be purchased if you want to use more than just the stock preloaded sets (usually for just $0.99 each).

Here at the iPhone App Review, we have taken a look at Noisepad for the iPad before. We were impressed with it then back in 2011 but we really love it now, thanks to the new updated version to 2.0. In this update, users have more complete control of samples through the improved organization. Drag and drop them into the Soundbanks to create your favorite sets, with unlimited number of Soundbanks allowed for creation. The Sequencer has also seen a major update, with real-time sequencing and recording (a major plus!), ability to export files to .WAV files, copy/paste beat patterns and improved erase ability for various beat patterns. Finally, the soundpacks have been updated, with two new preloaded ones, and several more major additions to the online shop, including Loopbased Dirty South Flava and Bong-ra Dubstep.

Appearance and Layout:

Noisepad iPhone App Review


“User friendly” is used to describe Noisepad on the iTunes page and this is certainly an apt description. However, be warned. If you aren’t familiar with basic sequencing terms and layouts, the initial learning curve might be a tad bit intimidating. However, the developers have taken great pains to ensure you can quickly learn the basics of the app, thanks to a very helpful video tutorial they made. Make sure to set aside plenty of time to sit down with Noisepad, watch the video and get the hang of it from the start. Here is the link for the tutorial, specially released to help new users learn the additional features in updated version 2.0 of Noisepad. The graphics are clear and crisp, although it can be a little tough to read all the details on smaller screens. The feature allowing for split screens is useful and buttons all respond quickly to the touch, a must-have on a music app!


Finding a solid beat creator and sequencer for not just the iPad but also iPhone and iPod Touch can be difficult. Fortunately, Noisepad fits this requirement very nicely and runs like a charm, even on older devices. Don’t be mistaken-it’s clearly a powerful app to get the party jumping to, with impressive features and a solid layout that allows even first-timers to create their own tracks. Furthermore, the excellent online video tutorials put out by the creators of Noisepad really help solidify the experience, introducing and explaining this app perfectly. Give Noisepad by MediaGROE a try today and start dropping dope beats like a boss!

iPhone app requires iOS 4.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review. The iPhone app reviews rating:

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