My Mates Private Friends Network: Putting the Personal Back in Connection


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My Mates Private Friends Network: Written iPhone App Review

My Mates Private Friends Network for iPhone

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Social media seems to be the next big market for app developers, and why not? The way we connect with people is very important! Here at the iPhone App Review we are always excited to try out a new way to connect with friends and family, and that’s why we’re glad to offer you a review of My Mates Private Friend Network by Dynamite Dzine. This app provides a new way for friends to locate each other. Its presence on both iOS and Android markets means there won’t be any issue with finding anyone. Check out our review below.

Concept and Functionality

My Mates PFN allows you to locate your friends using the geo-tag technology inside your iPhone. This, of course, might very well lead to the obvious question: “Why use this when Apple already has their own app that does the same exact thing?” Well, My Mates PFN is not only on iOS devices, but is also on the Google Play market. Because of this you can use it to find your friends who don’t have iPhones as well.

The location awareness works great, too. My Mates PFN allows you to receive push notifications when your friends are near. You can set up different groups for various situations and get a notification when they are engaged. Say you are looking for a friend’s house you’ve never been to: With My Mates PFN you can have your phone send you a notification when you are within 500 meters of them. It’s also great for avoiding exes, I’m sure!

Design and Interface

My Mates Private Friends Network for iPhone

My Mates Private Friends Network for iPhone

The design and interface leave to bit to be desired for an iOS user. The app doesn’t use many of the standard buttons for going back a page, editing, or even for the Settings tab of the app. I had a bit of a hard time even getting to the main screen of the app after logging in with Facebook. It wasn’t exactly clear how. Also, the app utilizes the standard radio button bar at the bottom of the screen to go between sections of the app. They have even included in this five-set row the status button to change between being “Active” and “Hidden” profiles, rather than adding an entirely new screen with a toggle switch. However, we’re hopeful that future updates will iron out some of the kinks involved with the interface.

Overall Value

Overall, this app works great! The ability to find both iPhone and Android toting mates is a tremendous boon for the app’s potential. The only real concern here is the interface. It definitely feels more like an Android app ported for iOS than a native app. Despite those small imperfections, this is a solid app that I would recommend to anyone looking for a way to connect with their friends in a new, innovative way.

My Mates Private Friends NetworkMy Mates Private Friends Network requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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Note: a free “lite” version is also available.

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